Friday, January 12, 2007

New Post

Didn't post yesterday cos I was away from my computer all day at a conference/presentation/open day thingy in Castlebar. All went well. I don't mind public long as I know what I am on about! I know it's most people's biggest fear, but to a room full of strangers I don't see what the fuss is about. Now, a speech at my wedding would be a different story....

T and I got married in August 2005 and I decided that given I had arranged pretty much everything, I wasn't going to stress myself out on the day by having to give a speech. I wouldn't be able to start off 'unaccustomed as I am to public speaking' as it is something I do fairly regularly as part of my work, but it's difficult to 250 of your closest friends and family (and yes, with the exception of a few compulsory neighbours, they were my closest friends and family....T has a Big Family and we're all very close I suppose). Anyway, I was nervous enough for T and Dad who had to make speechs....nearly couldn't eat my dinner! How did I get on to public speaking? I was happy as long as everyone was thanked and everyone enjoyed themselves...the end.

So the goulash went well, except I hadn't read Delia till I got home on Tuesday evening and it appeared that you had to put your casserole in the oven for 2.5 hours!! We would have starved, so I compromised and made a chicken stir fry at the same time and we had the goulash (is that how you spell it?!) yesterday evening instead and invited Tony's sister Deirdre over to help us....massive pot it was. I'll post a picture later but haven't got round to uploading yet. Top marks to Delia, although I added lots of my own bits (had some ratatouille left over...celery, courgettes, etc and also added carrots). FAbby stew it was. Not enough paprika probably, but I think you have to try it carefully (not like my turkey curry on St. Stephen's day, which was just too hot, no matter how much cream, etc I added to cool it down....a spoon too much of the curry paste I'm afraid). We live and learn.

My buddy Kate has a new blog, and she tagged me to do a little fun thing with a book, however there isn't one book on my desk and if I go down to the library here at work I won't be chosing at random, so I'll leave it for later....or maybe I'll use Delia, my new friend......or the most recent book I bought...something about 'getting the builders in'! We are building a new house....need to move on that, and intend to blog or blag my way through that too!!

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