Monday, January 15, 2007

Picture Weekend

Quite a busy weekend we I'm going to show it in pictures....

Friday evening, Sharon's (my sis) Birthday Party. We're into old style parties in our house...silly cards, crisps and sweets with maybe a little wine now that we're of the age.

The Laura Ashley gifts went down a treat....maybe I do know people well after all.

It has now become a tradition that The birthday cake (two swiss can't beat it really!) is blown out by Eilis and Sharon together....but I didn't quite get the pic timed get the idea though. A good time was had by all.

Saturday (Sharon's real birthday) was spent making and baking and cooking. Domestic Goddess...I should think so!

I wasn't really in the mood, but did some crafting in the morning...I can now reveal my diary box for 2007. I saw this project on someone's blog....hang on I'll look it up....Alison Shearer (but I can't find a link)...fabby fabby fabby stuff.

There are 12 6x6 folded albums held together with ribbon. Idea is you keep them altogether in a 'library' which I created on Saturday...had a cardboard box just the right size to cover....and each month you add journalling and pics of the little things you did. This old blog should help too methinks. I also altered a funky bucket but forgot to take a pic and left it at home...oh yes, we were at home at the weekend.

The afternoon was spent baking (well, does making crispie buns count?) with Eilis....she actually made them all by herself, so I'm now assured that she can handle the catering for her own party at the end of the month. There's a lot of birthday partys in January....I think T's niece is next weekend and Eilis the weekend after....what fun! but bad for any potential diet. Febrary is definitely the new january!

I decided to do a mammoth cook up...and made garlic potatoes (with mushroom and it's a real meal!), lasagne and shepherd's pie. They are all now safely packaged and in our freezer waiting for the evening that I just don't feel like cooking. Hurrah for freezers...the best invention ever!

Saturday night Claire (sis), T and I went to the cinema. My new year resolution might be to go at least once a month. I went once last year. Pathetic. I have seen none of the 'blockbusters'....we went one Friday afternoon at work to see 'An Inconvenient Truth' being that we are all environmental scientists. T'was good fun and an interesting twist to company bonding! Anyway, Saturday night went to see Will Smith in 'The Pursuit of Happyness' Nice film, but a bit sad and definitely a chick flick. Makes you want to save your money for a rainy day......

Sunday did v. little. Got up, went to mass, designed my living room (for the house that will hopefully be built this year!), had dinner....chilled with Eilis and watched 'Calamity Jane'....on RTE.

I have now officially watched all the films of the Christmas season and am so pleased with myself. Calam has a special place for me.....I was she in our school musical....what fun....11 years ago! Funnily, my wild bill is still with me....after all those years!

Called to see our architect man in the evening and get our final plans and now it's over to us. Have to make some ground on this house before the end of the month and try to get times ahead. Still haven't chosen my word as part of Ali's wouldn't believe how much thought I've given it, but I'll be back later today with my answer....that's it.

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CarolineO said...

Corina, your diary box is fabulous! You are such an industrious person with all your scrapping and cooking, mouth watering here at the garlic spus with mushrooms and bacon...scrummy.