Tuesday, January 08, 2008

First Post of the New Year

So I haven't blogged in forever! I probably haven't slept a full night since my last post so you'll have to excuse me. I have been checking in with all the other crafty blogs - though usually from my blackberry at some unearthly hour. Anyway, thanks for all the good wishes and hopefully I'll be back in business soon and will try to keep this thing updated a bit better.

Some pics...seeing as I haven't posted any of Grace ..... shocking!

Here's Grace at just one day old with her big and very proud sister!

Here's me and my two girls.

Christening Day Family pic.

Expect pic overload from now on....the child is eventually taking to having a nap in the middle of the day, and I have decided to take a 'photo a day' for 2008. Not necessarily of grace, but as you can imagine, she is the star of quite a few. I haven't taken them off the camera yet, but will post some christmas pics instead. Santa came in great stead to our house and brought Eilis a bike and a Baby Alive!
Grace got some baby toys......although she's beginning to get some fun out of them already....she especially likes the mirror....vanity already!

Here's the two girls in their best christmas outfits....and I even managed to catch a smile from Grace. Ignore that head of hair by the way...she was only two months old at Christmas. We'll be robbed in shampoo and conditioner...I'm starting a savings plan now!
Fun times....


Lainey said...

What a little beauty Grace is Coco - congratulations. Big sis looks delighted with her too! Happy new year to you all


eva birdthistle said...

Awwwwwwwww, you all look so cute and happy. Big congrats to you all :)

Neasa said...

Oh wow! What a head of hair!!! What happened to poor Eilis? She doesn't seem to bothered. 2 beautiful daughters Coco. You must feel like a Queen Bee!!
Looking forward to seeing more pics of the hair!!