Thursday, May 10, 2007

Gotta Get a Gateau

I'm hungry and I'm staying late at work. How crappy. We are hiring a new office administrator and are skills testing at the moment....not much fun, but has to be I'm sitting waiting while they fill information into a spreadsheet...etc etc

Anyhoo..haven't posted in a million years except to brag about all the films I've seen and how not sad it all is. Didn't watch the Stepford Wives again last night...didn't find it that good the first time to be honest.

A nervous giggle - she's finished the on to the Word Formatting. We made up our own tests rather than use some off the shelf thing. Makes sense, but we might have made it a little too difficult....or else it's back to the CVs. Say nothing till you hear more.

I want to post some pics about Crafteire. I've uploaded them, and cropped them and all I have to do is post them up...hopefully I can in the next few minutes unless OA lady is a super fast formatter...and maybe that wouldn't be a bad thing if she was.

Let's see what I have...
First here's a pic of Kirsty. I figure if she can post a pic of me on her blog then I can do likewise. Am weally looking forward to geting my pics from her...and dying to do a layout about ME...should change the title of this post to You're so Vain! Am blushing at the thought of my pics..and how much I like them, I think?!
This is Mooby. Eilis named him, I made him after lots of inspiration from Tracie, Elsie and Shimelle and lots of other crafters who seem to be big into felt at the moment. Also got a chance to practice my blanket stitch!!
Now some LOs from Crafteire weekend. Still have a lot to finish, but got Beckies Masculine Metal DLO done and am quite chuffed with how it turned out, seeing as I made a big mess of sticking the paper on in the first place. After that I have the wonderful aforementioned Kirsty's Eyelet class which was completed during daylight hours so as not to upset the neighbours with my setting! Also v. happy with this LO cos my pic matched the papers pretty well. Will also be using the glossy accent on transparency idea again methinks. Finally, my favourite LO so far. Thanks to Amber Jane. I went a little astray on this one too...especially with title, but managed to add some journalling and am mega happy with how the photo of my little cutie matches the papers, etc. I have this framed and am tempted to give it to my mother, but might just buy more paper and make the same one for her. Couldn't part with it.
I will add links to sites, blogs etc asap, just have to dash check on the admin applicant. The joys....


Neasa said...

Oh that last one is JUST FANTASTIC!!!! I love them all but that one just takes the prize. That pictue is so lovely. What a sweetie. I wouldn't be able to give it away either!

Tigger's rambling said...

Great Lo's and I love the photo of Kirsty :-)

How cool is Mooby :-)

Kate said...

Great to see your work Coco. LO'sare fantastic. Well done :-)