Friday, August 22, 2008

Woo Hoo....

She's coming back. I logged onto the for a quick gander around the forum and found out news to perk me up for at least a couple of months....Donna Downey is coming back to teach again. Twice in one year! Something to beat those Winter Blues.

Fan flippin tastic

I had been half thinking of organising some sort of winter event, but nothing would be as super dee duper as this. She was quite legendary at the Midsummer Mega Crop and so I'm really looking forward to more of her classes. And, I'm going to be up to my tonsils with non scrappy stuff anyway if we are going to be in the house by Christmas - Christmas - Christmas?

I'm not really believing it, but working towards it none the less. A trip to Belfast to Ikea is the first big thing...has to happen soon-ish. Will whisk my hubby away in a van some weekend - ooh I say!

Have to order the new catalogue...looked on line last night and there are some nice new bits and really I think we could do a lot of kitting out if we put our mind to it....and did a quick course in carpentry....Ah, sure that's what brother's in law are for!

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