Friday, April 16, 2010

..........Crops and Stuff....

Apologies my post headings seem to be disappearing, but the body text seems ok. I haven't blogged in a while. Life stuff, etc. But lots of things going on.
This weekend am planning to do an online crop at shimelle's site. I haven't done anything on-line in forever but on-line crops are great for people who live in the shtix like me, and don't get the opportunity to go to crops so much. Not that it's any excuse for the lack of scrapping I have been doing....but maybe it'll encourage me to do a bit more. Get more scrapped. And thankfully, I went last weekend to the printers and got all my photos from christmas to easter printed out. Happy days, as that includes a birthday, st. patricks parade, etc. Planning on doing lots of crafty things this weekend. Oh yes!

Also, next week Ali Edwards is running her 'A Week in the Life' project on her blog. I swore I'd do it last year and didn't, but have great intentions for this year. She has a good few posts about how to prepare, and I've printed out some templates of hers from designer digitals which I find good that even if you're not a digi scrapbooker (yet!) but want to hybrid and print them out as journalling cards, it's good. That's what I've attempted for two christmas's now, but haven't managed to journal the entire month of december yet. At least we'll have a good handle on what we did for the first two weeks of december every year anyway! Here's an example of one of the journalling cards I'm going to use for next week.

I'm not sure how I'm going to lay it out yet. My December album is a 6x4 photo album with slot in journalling cards, photos, and any other small bits like tickets, programmes for nativity, etc which will fit in. The idea was to embellish afterwards...but I haven't got to that. I'm not sure if 6x4 will be big enough for this though. Ali is going to use page protectors with different compartments but she has a full album where she keeps these projects year on year. I just like the idea that 2010 is such a big 'year' that it would be nice to be able to look back at it, so am really trying my best to journal, etc as much as possible. I might try a photo album where there's 2 6x4s to a page so I can add journalling under a photo or something like that. Watch this space. So that's this weekend sorted! There will be no cleaning, no washing, we might make it to swimming lessons, no shopping and dinner will be from the freezer. Kitchen closed!

On another note...I ordered my newest crocs for summer 2010. They are green (not my fav colour, but nice and bright nonetheless) and are high heels! Here's Farrah
Now this might be considered a croc obsession, but I bought high heel croc sandals two years ago and get great wear out of them and they look as good as new. So I'm hoping that it will be green slingbacks to work all summer!

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