Sunday, October 03, 2010

'Us' Day on Today FM

Yesterday (Saturday 2nd October 2010 - 02/10/2010) was 'Us' Day. The Ray D'arcy Show on Today FM requested listeners to take photos all day, which would be compiled into a book sold for charity. They did a similar project 5 years ago and raised €300,000 and I have the book. We tried very hard this time around, with pics from me and the girls. Here's some of our favourites...
The top photo - no, I didn't go and crochet a blanket especially, it's the squares from 3 'works in progress' by myself and my sister who are addicted to granny squares at the moment (and running short on pink wool). Below, is a pic by Grace of her crocs and aunty! and below that again is an action shot of a spud picker....(no, I had never seen one before either) and an 'arty' shot of my shower head. I sent off about 20 pics, so hopefully at least one will make the book!
A fun day had by all.

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Sian said...

Thank you for dropping by and leaving such a thoughtful comment today - you've got me in one: I'm a notebook girl because I'm such a slow typist :)