Monday, November 08, 2010


....of a serial unfinisher! So I have been enlightened today to the fact that although I think I like mini books, I rarely finish them. Hence the 24, yes, 24, mini books partially complete in a box in my craft space. Disgraceful! All wrapped up in little bags awaiting completion Aside from what could be beautiful projects, it's such a waste of fabby stash...what with the times we're in.
I partially put the blame down to not having 'mini' photos for my 'mini' books, partially that I have overly complicated them, but seriously, there are a few that are all but complete so I just have to drop the perfectionism and 'just do it'.

I'm spring cleaning. Backing up. And taking stock. And there's a lot of stock.

I'm going to note what's in the box and start journalling and compiling pics. Then, theoretically, all I should have to do with some is stick and write. And hopefully I'll get on a roll, allowing me to finish some of the less complete ones. Oh ya, and no new mini books until these are complete...that means you, 'Stuff I make' mini book idea! You're on hold for a while.

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