Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Old Time or New Time

Day two of waking up annoyed! We have a lot of clock 'issues' in our house. I have two decorative clocks together in my kitchen. People always comment - what ya want two for? Am, maybe it's artistic damn it!

Anyway we also have one of those alarm clocks that projects time on ceiling in our bedroom. We like it. But, up until last sunday, it was seven minutes fast. We never bothered changing it and just got used to it. Then with 'the time change' Tony changed the alarm clock putting it back am hour. Oh by the way, we don't actually use the alarm on this clock, we use our phones. Yesterday morning, after a crappy sugar rushed post halloween sleep, I woke early. But had no idea what time it was. When you are getting up at 6.45 ish, every minute counts. Had Tony changed the clock? Had he kept the seven minutes early or not? My watch (despite being on my wrist) had stopped working over the weekend. And my alarm hadn't gone off.

So, I woke Tony, who informed me that the clock was actually now ten minutes fast! But that my alarm should have gone off. My morning sets the scene for the rest of the day. Needless to say, it took a while for me to 'settle' yesterday.

So alarm didn't go off this morning. Even though I had re-set it. Angry mama take two. Then my tights had a ladder, my boots wouldn't zip, I couldn't find the bread knife (for making lunches!). And it's raining. At precisely seven am this morning I decided I'm not going to work tomorrow. And that's before today even really started.

And that's all because of a 'bug' in my iPhone alarm!

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