Monday, November 29, 2010

Weekend Christmas Crafting (Part 2)

We had so much fun this weekend. Ya gotta love bad weather when you have no plan to go anywhere and it gives you the excuse to sit by the fire or get crafty. So I got a lot of my Christmas cards made, finished off our Advent Calendar (which I need to photograph in better light) and also got felting, as I had signed up to Emily Falconbridge's Felt-a-licious on-line class which started on Saturday. Great, because the kids got to  help and double great, because I now have some of my handmade christmas pressies complete. Hurrah! We made felted circles which we combined into brooches. I added some crochet flowers to the back et voila...

We have felt beads to make next, but I might not get to that for a little while this week as I have to get my Journal Your Christmas Album more set up for the next couple of nights. I know people must think I'm daft with all the handmaking of this and that, but I think that's what I like most about Christmas. I also got wonderful feedback from my friend when she received my crocheted blanket. She couldn't believe I made it myself (neither could I, I suppose...but if you put your mind to something). So handmade is the way to go. Of course I can't understand why other people get stressed about the lead up to Christmas...I mean, if you're not making your own cards, presents, advent calendar and baking...and journalling your way along through it...(insert smug grin!). My husband joked on Saturday upon seeing my conveyor line of christmas cards and said 'that's much easier than buying them, isn't it!', but I do it because a. what I make is much nicer than what you can buy and b. I enjoy it. The satisfaction is immense.

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Elisa said...

They're gorgeous, CoCo, they go so well with the cardigan!