Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Scrappy stash bargains

Ya gotta love TK Max. I have sometimes stumbled across some scrappy bits in there but never as much as today! Typical! Got some fabby American Crafts bits including stamps for three euro and a kit for 16 which includes album, 20 sheets of paper, letter stickers and other embells. A lovely haul. Of course I also managed to buy Christmas presents for my mum (groovy red leather bag - work size) which I am seriously debating buying a second for me! Lunch tote for my Sis (also jealous) two smelly but gorgeous candles and the only thing that stopped me from buying more was a. I'm super organised and have bought most other pressies and b. I was on foot and couldn't carry any more. Although it's probably best I stay out of there for another while methinks!
Had birthday party for dad tonight. Chinese takeaway at home with all his ladies and my DH the only other fella. Lucky things! Will surely have bad dreams tonight due to over indulging.

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