Thursday, January 06, 2011

For Today, 6th January 2011


outside my window... foggy, but not too cold (everything is now measured against the 'big freeze of -14)
i am thankful for... the roads not being frozen and weather being reasonable, at least for another day!
i am wearing... black woollen skirt with white flowers (from a million years ago), mauve! cardigan with my pearls. Meeting today, so am a little more dressed up than usual.
noticing that... My eye is still doing that blinky thing that it does when I'm stressed/tired. I think I'm both. It has been blinking since before christmas...which is a long time for that to happen to me.
i am reading...hmmmn...nothing new. Same books not being read. A few magazines and lots of blogs.
on my mind... how busy the next few days/weeks are going to be here at work
pondering these words..revive (my 'one little word' for 2011), renew, focus and breathe
around the house... (office) lots of files and paperwork. At home, lots of laundry.
from the kitchen...fabulous dinner cooked by my sister last night. Fajitas, roast potatoes. Yum. more sweet things.
one of my favorite things... my new portable external hard drive. I actually just went and paid more because it was red. I LOVE red anything. I am now backed up again.
i'm creating... something every week. Have set some crafty monthly goals. This week's project is two new dressing gowns for my littluns...made from pink polka dot towels. Nothing like a good challenge for the first week of 2011!
a few plans for the rest of the week... work, work, work and sleep, sleep, sleep.
  A picture to share....I'll post a pic later from today. trying to take a picture a day...but keep forgetting to do it early enough for the light to be good.

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