Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Miscellaneous new year stuff....

Since the new year (although I think I blogged reasonably extensively in January) I have.....

Stared Zumba - what fun...and exercise too!

Bought a new camera - my first DSLR...but with a twist. It's a compact style Sony Nex-3. TBH I haven't gone off auto yet, but the photos even on auto are pretty fab...and the main joy is that it is compact enough to actually bring places with me. Like....

....Paris. Finally. We went to Paris. We went to Disneyland. I took 5GB worth of photos and spent over €60 printing them. Lucky I get 'money back' on my photo printing loyalty card. Time to get scrappy methinks.

We decided to make a 'garden path' so we can go up it. Actually, we decided to take an offer of free bricks to create 'something' in the garden and decided on a garden path...which is, as yet, a muddy path sans bricks. Our garden is very much an unfinished symphony, much to my mother's dismay. I believe I will get stressed closer to May, when it my SIL is getting married and there will be visitors to our unfinished garden. Also, I wouldn't mind a patio this year so we can actually use our BBQ at home. At last. (I am assuming we will have marvellous weather!)

I'm still not convinced about spas. But, I'm going again this weekend...on a hen weekend for said SIL. In the meantime I must create something wonderful as a group gift (no pressure...only 3 nights to get it done). I've booked a facial and a seaweed bath. It's an award winning spa. So, I'm hoping I'll get over my 'not love of spa' thing.

I've been to two crops with wonderful Anna Marie in Athlone and created 6 layouts which I am delighted with. I have still bought stash and not used it...(not quite, but kind of a new years resolution).

I have created 170 wedding invites and got them out ON TIME - Yay! The 'simple' design, still involved quite a few steps, including ordering card from the USA...which ended up being the wrong colour, but we turned that into a positive.... defo decided that making wedding invites is probably not something I intend to dedicate my life to!

I've signed up to Ali Edwards 'One Little Word' Class for my word 'Revive'. how exactly am I reviving myself...I will discuss at some point later in a full post.

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Elisa said...

CoCo, I am tired of only reading what you've been up to. I suppose it is the combination of two months of "doings" but still it's a lot of things done.

Looking forward seeing your Disney photos!