Sunday, October 02, 2011

Pure New Wool

So the x factor is back on, so that means it's Crochet Time! This new hat is item no. 1 created this weekend from some fun new wool my sister gave me for my birthday! Gotta love those dark (productive) nights! Did some fun stitching today at a class and also taught a scrapbook class in athlone. Busy busy!


Juliann said...

Cute hat. I don't crochet but it is knitting season here so my needles have been keeping me company as I watch TV.

Evonne said...

Look at you looking all fabulous! I love the hat. I'm knitting here as well, got hooked (literally) after making some little hats and bootees for Fionn. I managed to knit his christening 'dress' so was well chuffed with that!
Chat soon, E.