Sunday, November 26, 2006

Christmas November

I didn't manage to log in over the weekend till now, because for some reason I couldn't log in at home in Mam and Dad's house.... I'm back now in galway on my laptop and everything seems fine. My title may seem unusual, but the inlaws decided to have Christmas dinner today because D is off to Oz on Tuesday and won't be around for the real thing. I made my usual garlic potatoes and we all stuffed our faces. yum Yum I'm not a potato fan, but Lena does some mean roast spuds.....and my garlic ones weren't too bad either, if I may say so myself.

Saturday I made a little mini book card thingy for D to bring with her with some family pics....the cover is in the pic. I used some of the fabby November kit from Bumbleberry Crafts .... I'm a guest design team member this month. Have had great fun with the kit I have to say....and hope to get a few more cards and maybe a layout out of what's left.

Claire and I brought the little woman to Athlone to buy some shoes....her old ones (well as old as a two year old child's shoes are!) had got quite scuffed and I said it'd be nice to get new ones for Christmas. She's gone up to a size 8 even though they are quite big. We also looked around a toyshop and decided what Santa might bring if she is a good girl. There are so many bits and pieces now for kids, but she was soooo good, only looking at things - I don't think she realises yet that you can actually buy things....long may it last LOL! Came home, had dinner and went out for a few drinks with T's sisters who were home for the weekend. Up early to make my garlic potatoes and have a family dinner.

We've also introduced a new 'thing' at work whereby there's a rota where everyone has to bring in something homemade for everyone to have with their coffee on a Monday. I drew the short straw for tomorrow so spent this afternoon baking. I would have no problem cooking up a dinner for 13, but baking is a different story. Luckily, there are some excellent chefs on the Craftsupplies forum who had shared a few fool proof recipies so I made chocolate brownies ala a recipie from Sabrina and also a chocolate biscuit cake as a contingency plan. BOth worked out ok. Not wonderful, but not bad for a first attempt which will have to be shared in public. Hope they like chocolate.....and no one is allergic to nuts!

So, that was my weekend. Horrible night again tonight with wind and rain. Saw someone has their outdoor christmas lights on already...this evening on the way in. That has to be a record. A little early for me I think - I'm more of a mid December type of gal! Over and out for the night...

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