Monday, November 27, 2006


Today I had my first chiropractic experience. At 28 it's a little daunting, but wasn't so bad. I'm just back (pardon the pun) from my visit and am feeling all out of alignment. I've been having back pain for the past few weeks and it's not going away so I bit the bullet and said I'd suss out a specialist. There's one about 5 mins from my office, and he had an appointment for 4pm so off I went, not knowing what to expect. Of course there was the obligatory form filling exercise and a tour of the torture's the table that makes noise....they told me.

So it seems I'm completely out of alignment (what else would they say, says the cynic inside me....remember I'm a scientist) but when he put me standing on two weighing scales I thought...maybe there's a little science in this. So, not giving away my weight (although I'd love to, if someone wants it) I was about 5 or 6 kgs heavier on one scale than the other. It couldn't all be down to the small change in my pocket and I assume they have compensated for any vital organs on one side of the body....but anyway, staring into the mirror at my head and body (which lean to one seems) I began to see what he meant. Any of you who know me.....I don't think I'm terribly deformed looking in real life, but if you did notice WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL ME, instead of leaving it to a young aussie chiro named Ben?!

Onwards to the review of the accidents in my life. I know that I have been in more than the average number of car accidents (not all my fault btw - actually only the one my fault) but when you have to list them to a perfect stranger it makes you out to be A. a really bad driver B. stupid for getting in the car with really bad drivers C. really unlucky (including the fact that you managed to be in a crash while travelling in a taxi) or D. all of the above. I walked away from every accident I was ever in, and didn't seek medical attention (when it's not broken, why try to fix it ...... WAS my motto) however this didn't seem to get the response I was hoping for. So maybe these accidents are the reason why I am bent out of shape? The nice administrator was surprised when I said I had never had any serious falls.....but just because you've been in 5 car accidents, broken two wrists and twisted numerous ankles and knees playing camogie, etc, doesn't mean that I'm clumsy enough to fall out of a tree. I was beginning to reconsider being honest ever again!

Finally, some x-rays. Ah, the science bit....
This I like. Something definite. Something that I can look back at and see the results after I've deposited my life's savings to these people.
Tomorrow I get the results and my first 'adjustment'. Stay tuned!


Mary said...

Hi Co Co, I'm Maggie May in another life!
Very interesting your account of Chiropractic. I started going 3 weeks ago. Had been in complete agony with sciatica for a month, was x-rayed immediately, and did not believe I was lop-sided until I saw the results! I was told it may take time!! Felt great at first then went backwards a bit, got re- adjusted again, and so it went on.

However now I am feeling the improvement. I am really re-learning how to manage things and keeping up the gentle stretching exercises, which are essential.
Keeping fingers crossed that I will be able to keep up the instructions. I am a bit lazy!

Read lately its a bit like getting the engine of your car fixed, but if you never open the bonnet again to check it is okay, it seizes up again sooner or later!! Good luck, Mary.

Sabrina said...

My chiro was Aussie too,(but not so young ;-)) and as I said to Neasa, he did his job so well that after 1 course, now I just do the exercises he gave me when I feel twinges coming on, and I haven't been back for years. The way it should be :-). Hope yours is as effective for you.
What amazed me was how heavy your head is, no wonder the rest of you gets sore carrying that weight around if your posture is bad!

Karen Mcgouran said...

Coco was the doc a dish or a typical ozzy bruce???

your account has me in stitches.


Paula said...

I'm very pleased to read about your trip to the Chiropractic as I too am just about to make my first appointment. My lower spine is setting as I have done a lot of Contract Cleaning over the years & worn myself out. Now Im sat at a desk all day & it is driving me mad.
I'll try anything once just to sort myself out, I'm nearly 40 & I want to be able to move freely again.
By the way, love your DT work on bumbleberry cafe..