Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Christmas Journal

I have decided to keep a Christmas journal as inspired by Jane Dean in Scrapbook Inspirations November issue and Shimelle Laine’s journal classes. I’m not doing it as a class, rather making up my own rules. If you’d like to play along, by all means keep an eye out here for daily prompts.

Preparation…. I’ve got all my spare Christmas bits together and put them in a box – this included scraps of cardstock, paper with a Christmas/winter feel to it, ribbon, brads, etc. Anything that’s a little bit red, green, white, silver, etc or any other seasonal bits.

I’m going to make my journal from scratch so have covered two pieces of chipboard with festive paper. I’ve also ensured I have book rings to bind the finished product, and have started cutting cardstock to fit (mine will be an unusual size – kinda slightly shorter than an A4 landscape size – no particular reason, just that I had chipboard that size). I’m using different coloured cardstock and am not sure yet whether my pages will be double sided or not…. I’ve also been pulling together smaller scrap pieces of cardstock that I can have with me to journal on as I please, for incorporation into my journal entries. I’ve decorated some already, doodled on a few….just to get me started.

I’m going to keep my journal with as much journaling as possible, rather than it becoming a scrap album. I do intend to scrap Christmas too, just not in this journal (well that’s the plan for now). I’m going to use acid free stuff, but not as diligently as for my scrapbooking. Also, I intend this to be a journal that works for this Christmas, but also triggers memories of Christmas past. It might end up being something I add to every year…..we’ll take it as it comes….

So if you want to join in with me….

…. The first challenge is to think about the cover for your journal. It will be added to every day, so the final cover will not be finished until Christmas Eve. You can do as little or as much as you want to at the beginning, but the plan will be to add some little thing each day….almost like an advent type cover page! (you could just add 25 ribbons, one by one!).

btw I’m gonna try and keep it till the 6th of January….so that’s 37 days


amber jane said...

Sounds like a fab idea - might have to try this too :D

eva birdthistle said...

ooh if i can fit this in will defo have a go, great idea Coco :-)

Paula said...

Oh if only I had more time I'd love to do one of these. I did make myself Instant Xmas in a Box, but I want a journal.
Maybe next year!!! I have to get my sisters' wedding album completed...