Friday, November 24, 2006

Remember me and other updates...

My 'remember me' for blogger is not quite working the way it should and so I annoyingly have to log in each time. Anyway, I also spent a while this morning installing updates and so now everything looks a little funny. I don't respond well to change, especially when it comes to my 'puter. I have a new version of internet explorer now which is seemingly more user friendly....but not if you were happy with the way things were. I'll get used to it, but need to vent a little in the meantime.

Gosh but it was awful wild here this was brutal and I'd say the night was similarly bad. It's not too bad now actually. It was sooo dark this morning when we were getting up....roll on the longest night (so we can get long days back again!). We had to bring the little princess in for a snooze at 5am and by 7 we were all so toasty it was hard to get up. Ah well, tomorrow is Saturday, we'll get a bit of a lie-in.

Dunno what I'll get up to this weekend. UKS is having a cyber crop, for which I registered yesterday, but don't have the kits and don't have the photos etc printed I'll take a peek and see what I can do....means lugging home a load of stash for the weekend (as usual)....we are going home for the weekend. The city really is only a temporary abode!

Did our sums last night and found that although I thought my stash diet for November has worked particularly well and my credit card is actually 350 quid in credit (confusingly shown as a minus figure on Banking on Line) is due on the car next week...400 quid....ah well, there go my plans of spending my 'credit' on pressies and rolling into the new year laughing aloud akin to Eddie Hobbs.

Didn't lift a finger to scrap all last night which I'm a little disappointed at....evening started with a silly idea to make a chicken casserole (this actually started on monday when I bought all the bits and actually had all the veg cut up and ready to go). Jeepers, casseroles take ages...and we ended up not eating till nearly 8! (normally 7) Bath and bed for baby and by that stage it was 9 and I sat down in front of the fire watching some silly Chris Rock movie. I like him as a comedian, but this was pretty cringeful stuff. Don't remember falling asleep in bed and wouldn't have woken unless the window physically blew in on top of me. I am a deep sleeper for sure!

I'm gonna finish work at 4 today, have almost packed the bags at home so there shouldn't be the usual bad humour on a Friday evening and then off we go.....


CarolineO said...

Hi Coco! Just found you! Well done, great looking blog for a self confessed technophobe! Love the name definition thingy... I have to re-christen myself ALIEN, lol!

├ładaoin said...

Hi! I will link to you on my blog! :)
Blog looks great!

I keep an eye out for new posts :)