Saturday, December 02, 2006

2nd of DeeCember

‘My Christmas Schedule’ 2006

I’m going to design my own calendar for the Christmas Season. I will add in details of things I need to remember such as special dates, deadlines, appointments. I’m hoping to create it in such a way that I can add to it as the month goes by, and so will design little stickers or embells that I’ll include in a pocket or something for future addition. This schedule will also allow me to look back at an overview of what I get up to over the Christmas. I need to create a bookmark for this page also to ensure that I can look back as the month goes on, and as a reminder to fill in things that I need to remember. This might be a double pager!

Here's a pic of the changes made to my cover (stamped corners with a free corner stamp from SI mag a while back, and embossed in gold). There's also a pic of my entry no. 2 - signs of christmas....I need to add some pics. That main panel has journalling behind....a work in progress!

Today I'm working on a secret santa gift, and some advent challenges over in the Bumbleberry Crafts Cafe. Fun times....

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