Friday, December 01, 2006

First of Deeecember

So, here's the first Christmas Journal Prompt....

Signs of Christmas

Signs of Christmas – What are the first signs? Is it about the commercialism of it all, songs on the radio, ads on the television? There have probably been lots of signs before now, but I am going to journal my signs of Christmas….how do I know it’s coming…
Im going to take some time out today to notice the signs that are all around me....and maybe even take some snaps.


My initial thought sare that for me, some of the signs are the decorations, children talking about Santa, talk of Christmas Party’s and holiday time at work. One of the main signs of Christmas in Galway for me and one of my favourite things about Christmas are not so much the lights in the City as the lights on one of the hotels….The Great Southern. Every year they hang garlands across the front of the hotel. It has to be the classiest and most classic decoration in town. It is now a tradition. This year I spotted the men in the crane putting up the garlands on the 21st of November and even got a photo. I’m not sure when they turn the lights on, but it’s a real sign of Christmas. We have arranged our office Christmas party for the Thursday before Christmas, the 21st. We like to have it as close to the time as possible, rather than months in advance. Gets you into the festive spirit. We’re having a dinner for staff and their partners, then on to drinks in a local in Salthill and maybe on to a nightclub. We did the whole ‘hotel’ arranged do last year, but this year wanted to wing it a little, see if we have a better time.

Ads on the telly I love are the ‘Ho ho ho’ Cornflakes ad, Pennys got a whole lot of things for Christmas and Holidays are coming – Coca Cola…. Posted by Picasa

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eva birdthistle said...

Wow, great idea, will get my thinking cap (or santa cap) on!!!