Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Bad Santa

Ok, so I've been particularly bad this past week with blogging. Doesn't bode well for my new years resolution of the daily blog. Anyway, back into it and apologies to anyone wanting christmas promts. They'll be coming thick and fast from here.

So what have I been up to? parties, shopping, antibiotics, hmmmn what else can I throw into the mix? secret santa, circle journals.....santa's grotto
Oh what a busy scrapping life I lead. I am now almost up to date with all my crafty presents (well for those outside the family that is!) Have finished all circle journal entries till the new year and have posted off one of my secret santa gifts, the other is nearly finished and will be winging it's way to......(shhh it's a secret!). Will try to get that finished tonight. I have a few more secret bits I was putting the finishing touches to last night, and have to get down to writing some addresses on envelopes next. No LOST tonight :( so I'll just have to be crafty instead.

My Christmas Journal fell a little by the wayside cos life got in the way, but I have been keeping some notes and just have to get around to making them into art. Here's a few prompts since I last posted:

One Christmas I….
Nativity Plays and School Concerts
Christmas Traditions
New Christmas Traditions
Holiday Movies
Love at Christmas

and today's prompt is.....

All I want for Christmas is….A letter to Santa

I have some entries for a few of these, which I will post later.

We went shopping to my aunt's shop on Saturday....wow....what beautiful things. Imagine working in a craft shop (not paper craft, but woolens, jewellery, furniture, christmas decorations) - what an inspiration it would be. Although maybe work gets in the way of inspiration and takes the good out of it....I dunno
Anyway, I bought Tony's pressie...lets just say all my pictures can be hung on the walls now! and also brought E to see Santa in the local Londis...with her cousins. Last year my SIL and I had such a laugh cos the kids were petrified and cried incessantly till he gave them a present. This year, we didn't know what to expect, but E came out saying I Love Santa, and sat on his knee and chatted away happily. He's coming to

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