Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Oh Christmas Tree.....

We finally got around to putting up our christmas tree on Sunday night. I should rephrase - I finally got around to putting up our christmas tree on Sunday night. Here it is in all it's glory. It's a smallie - artifical, but gets me more in the mood nonetheless.

Eilis got to put the angel on top of the tree this year, with a little help from TC. We were always 'star' people in our house. There was no angel on our tree, but to be honest, the star I have is way too big and would probably knock the whole thing down if I put it on top, so an angel it is. She's a bit flimsy though and you would wonder about the safety element of having a christmas tree light inside lighting up her skirt!

I was slack this weekend at getting things done. Partly because I have a sore throat, and partly because I was out on Saturday night and partly because I took on a rather tricky project. These trees are made from material stuffed with wadding, my own design, but from an idea based on a website shown on Ali Edwards site. Littlebirds is a fabby site to inspire in all types of creative bits and pieces and in November she showed some fabric trees. I think there was a little controversy, but I love them and made them and had intended to make a whole suite of them for a side table, don't you know.....but I have neither side table nor more than two trees, so maybe I'll add to them each year instead and will make provision for a table in our new house. There's another thing to add to list so tradesmen think I'm mad 'I'd like a table to display my fabric christmas trees please!'

Got this idea also from a link from Ali's site. The original is by Tia Bennet as shown on Two Peas here Isn't it the fabbiest (her's I mean). I scoured Galway for buttons. Do not take this project on without a million of them! It seems that Hickeys don't have buttons in packs anymore just little cards of them that cost a fortune! Mine would have been multicoloured except I found more red ones to supplement my own stash in Mam's button box. Credit must also go to darling Eilis for picking out 'wed' ones from my box. It's quite small and definitely needs a star for the top....maybe a star button if I can get my hands on one....for now, it will sit on my sideboard and maybe one day it can go on the table in the new house, with the fabric tree collection.....

....so I've missed a few more Journal days.....but here we go...

SAturday - Christmas Carols…..
Sunday - I believe….what do you believe? How do you celebrate?
Monday - Best Ever Christmas Gift

and Todays is Christmas ‘To Do’ List
as of NOW. I'm going to make a list, check it twice and scrap it in some way. I'm such a list person! But it also makes me feel a little better cos yesterday we went food shopping so that's out of the way, and also made an 8x8 framed LO for my sister so that's all her pressies sorted. I'll post a pic tomorrow. It's based on a LO Eva did with us at the ScrapWest crop in Ennis.


Paula said...

I've already drribled over these on bumbleberry cafe..They are so clever.

Paula said...

What am I like, I thought the real tree was in a seperate post!!!
Fabby.. seems to be my fav word right now, but yes it looks fabby!!
Merry Christmas & happy scrapping in 2007!!xx