Friday, December 15, 2006

I believe

Wow, the wonder of Christmas was very evident in a creche full of children yesterday. The transformation of Eilis's reaction to Santy since last year is unbelieveable. She LOVES him. They said she was the most excited of all the children, they almost had to take the plate off her at dinner in case she ate it....she was so anxious to be good for santa. He didn't disappoint either. Even when I came in, she ran over, gave me a hug and then went back to the table to sit with her friends and obedient! She is a good little girl, but is really growing up.

Santa arrived and they flocked to him. Of course there were a few fearful children....Sammie, who I never met in my life before, clung to me for dear life and wouldn't even entertain the idea of looking at Santa, never mind shaking hands with him. I thought E might be a bit jealous of me holding another child (she is with her youngest cousin!) but maybe she had no problem because he is her friend and not a granny competitor!!

Here's a couple of pics....

Afterwards we went and got a smoothie and waited for T. Her first smoothie....she wasn't overly impressed. Couldn't work out what it was....'it's like milk' was her first reaction, but maybe it was too cold for her. We hung out in an internet cafe, drank smoothies and read a Dora magazine and I thought - this child is growing up so fast....isn't this great fun!

Enough sentimentality! Traffic was MENTAL yesterday evening, but we braved the storm and went to buy a few more pressies. T hasn't bought anything for anyone yet. I've even slightly let him off the hook by asking the lovely Annamarie to send me a surprise parcel as a pressie from him. Ok, I really want the BG pail, but am a stickler for ensisting on our presents being surprises so the box won't be opened till Christmas day and no doubt will have plenty of goodies for me!! Yay, I'll scrap the Christmas away.

Yes, I know that presents and Santy aren't what it's all about, but the warm fuzzy feeling can't be denied and overall I am super happy and grateful for everything at this time of year. Chrismtas tree still isn't up though! Might get to it this evening, although we'll be taking the rocky road home. Journal Prompt for today is:

Christmas Tree!

(you wouldn't belive that I actually had all these planned out in advance!...but I have!)

I have many Christmas tree the time we robbed one from the football pitches when in college. We decorated it with coke cans - mini and normal size. It was a sight to behold. There may even be photos knocking around in someone's house...
We always had rather horrible lodgepole pine christmas trees at home (they are the ones who's 'arms' point up to the sky - like cacti? - anyway...) but have now talked mam around into getting nice spruces. Although they lose their needles they are a nicer looking tree all round.

Must go get my own tree sorted....fake plastic....seemingly after 20 years an artificial tree becomes more environmentally friendly than a real tree, so I have another 17 years to use this one! Will eventually try for a tree in a pot that I bring indoors at christmas, but for now we'll stick to plastic!

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