Thursday, December 21, 2006

Party Time

Our work Christmas Do is on tonight. We are also going to do Secret Santa at about 4 so I'm not sure when I'll get to post again. Didn't do anything wild yesterday, went home, got oil delivered, wrapped a few more pressies including a Card Making Hamper for T's aunt Patsy. She lives next door to us and was in bed with the flu yesterday. Hopefully the hamper will cheer her up. She's a crafter at heart, or maybe a closet crafter? The local ICA do lots of different types of projects - cross stitch, knitting, embroidery, etc and I thought she might like to give card-making a try. I had loads of bits and bought a few stamps etc to start her off.

Don't know what to get her hubby though? He doesn't drink and is a carpenter, so power tools and gagets are out cos he has most of them already. Last year we bought them a microwave between them (obviously, cos they live in the same house LOL!) but I have been seriously lacking in inspiration this year. Not to worry, there's still 3 full days of shopping left! Although I really have no inclination to go back into town.... Might get the bus in with T tomorrow and stroll around taking in the sights.....

Dad called in to pick up Eilis and I brought him to her new creche (new since july!). She was just about to go for a nap, but the girls were all saying that she was so excited all day because grandad was coming to collect her! I'd say she tells them everything...and she's only 2 (nearly 3) yet! Can you imagine when she's older?

Today's journal prompt is 'Christmas Party' or I had an alternative for people who mightn't attend a Christmas party....'The longest night' as tonight is the longest night? or is it tomorrow night? well anyway, they wouldn't be too long off each other.

I was just talking to Tina, one of my college friends. She is just home from travelling South America for three months. Her birthday is tomorrow. We're going out to Brian's on Saturday to a house-warming/christmas party. Am looking forward to it, but hope this flaming cold is getting better. Was going to have a hot whiskey last night, upon advice from Patsy, but I find they make me even more stuffy. When I'm like this, the place I like best is outdoors where the air is fresh and your nose isn't blocked! Dunno what a crowded italian restaurant and pub will be like tonight.....we'll see.

Hopefully photos of the night won't be too this space!

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