Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Playing Catch up....

...so even a new year resolution of 'I will blog every day' has been broken. It's the second day of the new year and I haven't blogged in ages. Home is like a time warp and I like it that way. I checked on line every now and again, but I really only associate blogging and forum hopping with my desk at work. This may be a bad thing (from a work perspective) but not so bad from a relaxation point of view. I had a very relaxing and uneventful Christmas...just as I like it.

I probably will journal a little every day this week about things we got up to over the holidays, but best first start with a list to gather my thoughts....

Friday the 22nd - day after Christmas Party....went to see accountant (good news) and went in to town to get the last of the presents. Headed home to Mountbellew. Quiet night.

Sat the 23rd - lazed for the day, wrapped presents and tried to finish off Elaine's book - no joy. Headed in to Oranmore for Brian's party. Had a bit of a cold but suffered on. Made up for it by drinking too much and playing singstar. Met up with Tina, Lorraine and Cormac.

Sun the 24th - Christmas Eve - Had (what now is considered) a lie in, till 12 noon. Packed up and headed home, hoping not to get breathalized considering we didn't get to bed till 4 the night before. Headed out to Moylough for Supper and opened all the presents. Made garlic potatoes for supper (obviously list in wrong order!) Eilis got this bath set for her dolly from her godfather.....assembly required! lucky he's a woodwork and construction teacher!
Dropped Eilis into our house and went to 9 o'clock mass in Moylough. No Little Jeshua this year...it was missed. Back into our house and had mulled wine. Mam and Dad went to midnight mass. Girls stayed up and boozed with us.

Mon - Christmas Day - Woke at 8.30 and all opened presents together in the sitting room. Fabby presents all round. Dinner in Moylough. Here's all the kiddies ready for dinner.... and came home in the evening and played cards etc with Michael M. Generally ate more junk than one could imagine possible. Aunty Chris was in our house for dinner, christmas etc.

Tue - Stephen's Day - Packed up and hit for Cornamona. Actually should be, packed up Turkey and hit for Cornamona. Old folks in good form and glad to see Eilis. Went for a walk and Peter called in. Generally chilled and headed home. Here's Tony and Sharon showing Eilis how to do an 'I'm on top of the world' - Titanic Moment!

Was not in good form with the cold, blocked nose, etc but was persuaded out by my husband who knows better. Made it into town at 11.15pm. Absolutely packed but met loads of old school friends and had a good night. He knows all I need is a bottle of beer and I'm the life and soul of the party.....head colds can wait!

Wed 27th - Evening we went to our neighbour Helen's father's funeral. Headed over to Abbey to meet the other grandparents. Went to mass for mick lane and met some of the neighbours. All in good form there too.

Thurs 28th - Went out for dinner with the Conneely cousins in Athlone. Good fun. All the ladies. Here's me, my mum and sisters. Headed back to Moylough where they were all awake and on the beer!

Fri 29th - Sales - TOny and I headed into Galway to return some bits and pieces. Were in early and out for dinner. Went to sportsfield with Noreen and generally took it easy for the evening. Called to Kevin and Cathy and baby Cian in their new house.

Sat 30th - Called to Mike and Jackie and baby Catherine. Persuaded them to go out in Moylough to National School Fundraising dance. Won a bottle of wine in raffle. Good night had by all. John and Noreen out as well as Eileen and Ann F.

Sun 31st - New Year's Eve. Dinner in Moylough with Patsy and Micheal. Aunt Maggie (Lena's aunt) funeral. Laurence and Doris got engaged so night out in Mountbellew. Here they are in the pic Good fun. Lots of kisses!!

Mon 1st - New Year's Day. Tony farming so we chilled and watched Anna and the King and Chitty Chitty bang bang between making dinner including delish roast veg soup. Sick of turkey now. Packed up and back to Renmore....the Christmas is over!

Oh did I mention I played the double bass at our christmas party....found this pic!

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Fantastic photo's :-)
I think even if you only post once a week it is still a great place to keep a record of your life :-)