Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Santa or Santy?

My little darling had an arguement in the creche yesterday with one of her companions. Eilis said that his name is 'Santy' and Eva said his name is 'Santa'. They are both quite fiesty little characters and no-one could tell them that they were both right. It's a bit of a love hate relationship between these two....but I thought it was the funniest thing. If you're ever asked about what nearly 3 year olds argue about....this is it! It would be nice to remind her of this when she is older and arguing about clothes, make-up and other more trivial things.

Today's Christmas Journal entry is simply 'Christmas Cards'

I haven't sent any yet, but have made a few. Last year I was sending out cards as Thank You cards for our wedding, but decided that it might be nice this year, especially as lots of my friends have bought new houses. We are obviously getting to the age now, and while we keep in contact by email, text and phone, you can't beat a letter or card in the post. Since I started scrapping and forum chatting I have got so many lovely things in the post and it's such a treat when they arrive....

I've made a few different types of card this year. Some using stickers from Papermania....add a little doodle and away you go. Actually, this happened by accident, when I stuck the squares on crooked. A doodle hides a multitude! Another version is a doodled holly leaf stuck on with sticky pads to raise it up.

Last type are using some vellum die cuts with a view thingys that I bought at Crafteire last year. Didn't know how to use them, but then made some simple cards by sticking on some lurvly 3 bugs papers, and stapling them in place with a ribbon. This also avoids the 'how do I stick down vellum without it being seen' scenario. I don't have thermoweb....
Although I have now found some sort of similar thing so it's kept for special vellum occasions! I can't remember where I bought it (some pound shop type place methinks) so I can't go back to get more.

Anyway, hoping to get the Christmas Cards written tonight and in tomorrows post. All my secret santa gifts, etc are finished, so now I just have to work on some more homemade pressies and I'll be all set for Christmas. It's feeling pretty relaxing to be honest and I'm looking forward to some time off, with the family!

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Paula said...

Love these cards.