Thursday, December 14, 2006

It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas....

Well, it's not really, but I think that maybe singing the song will make me feel more Christmassy. Things should improve today....Santy is coming to the creche so I'm going to finish early, get some super photos, get home, dinner on and hopefully decorations up. Yes, the decorations have not even been put up in our house yet. Shocking stuff, but Tony is a little ba humbug about decorations and so I've held out till now.....but that's it.
Today is also my lovely Daddy's birthday....49 years young today. He won't mind me telling cos he's young and young at heart! In honour of fathers I'll post up my Me and My Dad LO.

I made it using delish papers from Cherry Art from the October Kit on Bumbleberry Crafts. It was taken on my graduation day....June 1996 - 10 years ago! Imagine!
Anyway, I like the pic cos he's really smiling and I'm on my toes trying to look tall.

Today's Christmas Journal Prompt is simply: Christmas Decorations
Hopefully I'll get mine up tonight and will get some nice pics taken.

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Paula said...

Fab Layout. what a great colour selection & the photo is fab.