Monday, January 22, 2007

Bibbity Bobitty Boop

Dunno why it's going around in my head...
Thought I had got away with not having to go all the way north to Killybegs on Friday cos Brian might go instead, but now it's looking like it. Bad Monday all round really. Have to stay late at work to meet someone who wants to do a Masters thesis on us. Free analysis of the business is difficult to say no to I suppose and thankfully I took some of my previously prepared food out of the freezer this morning. I was going to finish work early so I could go home and clean and tidy and do some washing before the house falls down, but now I have to stay late. That's what you get for planning these things in your head. Also have to stay late tomorrow cos I have a meeting at half six....what's going on with people. So am now wondering which day I'm going to doss off early in lieu of all this late night work. We may have no socks to wear if I don't get a wash on soon. Worst case scenario I do what I always do and buy some more! We have more underwear than anyone else I know!

The children's party went much better than I could have expected. Men are great.

I say that because my darling hubby, his bro in law (father of the birthday girl) and another cousin all hung out outside and 'minded' the bouncing castle while the ladies prepared the food inside and cleaned up afterwards. For such a bad Saturday, the weather on Sunday was cold but not raining and so the kids bounced away to their heart's content all day. I supervised the castle for 5 minutes and couldn't take it anymore....there is a very high percentage of 'near misses' and i am a worrier....especially when there are other people's kids involved. Tony told me that I was doing too much watching and all they did was let the odd shout when someone tried to go down the slide onto the wet grass. I would have been hoarse. Of course I had to try the castle myself...only lasted about 7 minutes with T. We chose the time when all teh kids were inside playing pass the parcel and when the parents were coming to collect their kids, so we are officially 'as bad as the kids' in their eyes. Have some fun, I say. (Although note to self....bouncy castles when you have been out the night before and after a feed of children's party food is not such a good hangover came back!)
Here's a pic of my Fifth Birthday....seeing as we're on the subject of Birthday Parties.
We went out to our local on Saturday night....well, what used to be our local...back around 2000. Met up with T's cousin (the one who got engaged...pic below somewhere) to talk wedding talk and frighten him. Ended up drinking lots of Guiness and not doing too much wedding talk. IT was v. cold, but our friendly barman offered us a lift home, and made it all worthwhile. We will be back. Only live a mile from the pub and so the walk isn't out of the question, but getting an unexpected lift is fabby. Maybe that's another of the repercussions of the on-the-spot breath tests....nicer landlords.

Don't really have too much other news. Got some crafting done on Saturday....a LO (I'll share later...but it's a secret for now) and I altered a paper folder. Started on Shimelle's class, and will finish it....hopefully sometime this week....before I forget what all the pictures are supposed to represent.

Over and out....

A random as a baby!

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