Tuesday, January 23, 2007

We've gone public!

So, Kate and Mireille liked my idea to raise some cash for charity at Crafteire and we've gone public!

I had been thinking about what we could do and decided that a bring and buy type idea might raise some money for charity. It mainly came about at Christmas when I was going through my stash to add some bits to a box for Patsy, my neighbour to start her off on cardmaking. I had so many bits I knew I'd never use but were all good quality, etc. A couple of weeks ago I got in contact with Kate and Mireille to ask if I could set up a stand at Crafteire to raise money for charity. I asked the sisters in advance if they would help out. Claire lives in Tullamore so it's handy and they were delighted to help....as long as I go out with Claire on the Saturday night. I think I could raise to that occasion!

We have decided to donate all the proceeds to the Irish Cancer Society, as it is a cause close to our hearts, and because cancer unfortunately touches the lives of most families. We realise that we were lucky in our house, and have always been looking for opportunities to give something back, or aid research or whatever. A family friend is in not so good form at the moment and you just feel so helpless.

I had originally thought about pricing all the items and raffling off anything left at the end, and it's difficult, because you have no idea as to how many people will support this, or to what extent......but the crafting community is unlike any other (as I have tried to explain to my mother....who simply didn't get the idea that I could put a 'call' out on the internet and get any kind of response!). Rather than sell off each individual item we are going to bag little packs and maybe even try to match the contents up into mini kits. I know I've got magazines and books and other items I've ordered from the internet that weren't quite what I wanted, or just didn't get around to using. My craft room could do with a good once over, so I'm expecting to fill a box all on my own!

This morning, I posted in the main crafty sites that I frequent and now just have to wait and see, but even if we only raised 100 euro, it's all for a good cause.

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Paula said...

Well done you!! It is good that people out there can see good ideas when they happen.
Can't wait to see the unveiling of your confessions book!!!