Wednesday, January 24, 2007

I am H-A-P-P-Y

I am HAPPY, I know I am, I'm sure I am, I am HAPPY

Thanks Tigger for putting that song in my head. I used to love 'Only when I laugh'...strange, cos I was probably only about 10 or 11...that and 'Last of the Summer Wine'. Wasn't it great that kids could watch adult programs that were just funny and not disturbing or PG rated. The times we live in I suppose.

No aezine from Ali yet....ah, that's what wednesday's are all about.
Got a bit done at work today and still a lot to do, but I'm tired. I am definitely leaving early tomorrow cos I wasn't home till nine last night. Missed my baby going to bed, but she woke during the night....(had an accident) and was so delighted to see could you be cross. Have to get a birthday present for her before the weekend and have no idea what to get her. She saw a nice Peppa Pig kinda doll's house thing last week and suggested we buy it for her cousin who's birthday it was and I thought that it was a nice gesture for such a little one....I'm sure I'll think of something though.

So the Fundraising is going fabulously. Got lots of support - 18 lovely ladies so far, so hopefully things will work out well. I had been dicussing which classes we should do with Evonne this afternoon...yes, yes, I should be working I know. We both agreed that the lesson learnt from last year was to maximise the amount of classes and don't even bother thinking you'll get any scrapping done besides. So far, there's 8 classes I really want to do...all scrappy ones, although the altering and cardie ones have also caught my eye. Next stop is to check out my bank balance and clear the credit card bill before the classes go on sale on Sunday.

Sad, sad news that Mairead really isn't well but is in great spirits. Couldn't stop thinking about her last night. She's my sister's boyfriend's sister but we know her well....only 24....3rd time round it's got her, after various battles and successes over the last 5 years. Awful, awful effing disease.

Live each day is all you can do. I'm so glad for what I have, for my life up to now - family, friends, husband, daughter....really, really, really grateful. Hope they know it. Hope I show them.

SAD end to a post that started off HAPPY

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Paula said...

Life is such a bitch like that, happy endings end in saddness. My Grandma always used to say, "There will be tears before bedtime" whenever my sister & I were having high fun time together. True enough we would end up in tears fighting or tired or poorly.
I miss my Grandma & her sayings..
She would be devestated by the number of our family we have lost to one form or another of cancer.