Monday, February 26, 2007

If you like Pina Colada

This song has sprung up on a couple of tv shows/films I watched in the last few days - it's a fun tune.
Anyway...a few pics today. Dedicated to my darling grandparents who are 50 years married this year. We had a little party yesterday in their house...the whole family.

Only 4 of the people in this photo are left - my nana and grandad and nana's sister marian and her husband who are at the back. Both of my grandparents came from unusually small families for the time - only 4 in each family, and only one of each of their siblings had children, so the extended family is not that big either (all comparitively speaking mother had 9 aunts and uncles on each side....never mind first cousins).

So this is the full gang of 28 who celebrated at the party yesterday - 4 generations of our family. We had mass in the house and a little party afterwards. Am full at the thought of it. Had good fun trying to set up the photo...but made use of my tripod...on the roof of a car!
Then we have the direct descendants - 5 sons, 10 grand-daughters, 2 grandsons and 1 great grand-daughter.
A great day was had by all, and it was great to get all the family together...even though we're quite good for that anyway, but, as I might have said before in this should celebrate the good times. The likelihood is that we won't be able to gather that gang together again.
So apart from that our weekend was quite uneventful - Ireland beat England in Croke Park in the 6 Nations...fabulous game. We stayed in on Saturday night and watched 'Walk the Line' - a little bit long winded I thought....or maybe I was just tired. Always tired....
Anyhoo, that's the story.

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Neasaod said...

Oh CoCo those are brilliant photos to have! Hope you took loads for scrapping!