Friday, February 23, 2007

Way back into Love

Not really a song, but a song....hmmmn criptic

Went to see Music and Lyrics last night with my sis. She's on mid term break and decided to call in. We left Tony minding the house (love that phrase) and he's also not feeling the may west so I think he was as well pleased and able to go to bed early. It's funny how men are a bit macho about going to bed.....

Anyway, it's a nice film - we both liked it, but I'm a real chick flick kinda girl. Don't mind what the critics think, I like a film where I come out happy, the guy gets the girl or whatever and I think I especially like films where there are clips at the end telling you how they all ended up...20 years on. I'm not one for surprises and don't like horror or even tense films....just dislike them. Prob my favourite are ones that are really 'smart'...not necessarily a mystery, but one's where it all comes together at the end and you go 'oh I get it'. Hard to describe. Back to Music and Lyrics. Hugh Grant and Drew Barrymore - both play their typical type of character - I don't have a problem with this, they make a good couple and I like both of them in most things they do. Hugh was an 80s there's some very funny references back to those days and the cack hairstyles etc. Not side splittingly funny, and maybe not quite worth €9 in the cinema (not sure what it cost cos sis paid) but would definitely be a DVD to watch some rainy afternoon, espesh if you like music....well, not in a critical way - you'd probably cringe!

TG it's Friday. This week has flown. No joke, can't believe it. Haven't really felt like bloggging all week - didn't have anything much to say. Haven't posted pics of last weekend, but I'll get to it. Made pancakes on Tuesday and felt a bit crook all day Wednesday, but so did Tony so we weren't sure whether it was the pancakes or something else....and now he's feeling fluey so maybe it was a precursor to all that. Have given up drink and other bad things for Lent. Have a wedding on the 17th of March, bought the 'outfit' in the sales in Jan and have to fit into it. Not a major struggle - I didn't buy it too small, but want to look half decent all the same.

This weekend my dad's parents are celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary, so we are all calling over on Sunday for a little party. Will be good to meet up with all the relatives. Having mass in the house and then a little bit of food, cup of tea, etc. Hopefully T will be feeling ok by that stage....although dad still isn't right. Went to doc on Monday and had to take another week off work. Now on antibiotics, etc. Doc thought he might have had mild pneumonia (I warned him at the weekend tbh) but he should be feeling a bit better soon. Mam has soldiered on through all the others getting it so hopefully she won't get it now. Same for me. THere's awful sickness and bugs going around - worst ever I'd say.

That's all for now to do another day's work......

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