Monday, February 05, 2007

O Sole Mio

Strange song....but that's me.
It comes from the play we are doing...well, the song isn't in it specifically, but there are a couple of lines that Tony has to sing 'to the melody of O Sole Mio' For the uneducated among's the tune to the Cornetto ad from long ago... T's co-star is having difficulty getting the melody right, and last night someone asked if anyone has it on CD....what are the chances you may say. We suggested that given there are 3500+ songs on our i-POD, the chances are it might be on it...and lo and behold, on the way back in to Galway last night I found a rendition by Andrea's breathtakingly beautiful....romance put into music. As I said to DH (who must think that there is something seriously amiss with me) - it's the kind of orchestral music that you should play from a speaker to your loved one's window....and the whole street come out to hear it. Beautiful. It is my song of the week.

After a sad weekend...I'm not going to dwell on it, because that's not the type of person I am. We called to the house on Friday evening and sympathised with the family. I love the format of Irish funerals. Some may think that they are way too personal....over 5000 people came to the house over 2 days...imagine!? but I love the regime, the formality - the fact that the same thing is done at every funeral. It helps people get through it. Neighbours sort out car parking and sandwiches and beds for visitors. Distant relatives make tea and wash up. Friends call, and close friends stay late into the night. It's the way it has always been. I didn't go to the mass on Saturday. Eilis and I stayed at home and went for a walk. Mam said we were as well off; it was desperately sad and wouldn't really have done me any good....gosh I sound like a bit of a drama queen...but it's practicality I suppose more than anything else.

I have to run now, but have finally got the photos from the camera on to the computer and will be posting big time tomorrow.

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