Thursday, March 01, 2007

Wouldn't it be nice

Nic Kershaw's birthday is today. They were playing this song on the radio this morning.

Again, not a lot to say, but better keep in the habit of posting until I have some crafty goodness to offer. At the moment I have 4 circle journals to work on....again you really need motivation for these, because you're working to someone else's rules if you know what I mean.

Last night Tony and I went to see Neil Delamere, stand up comedian in the Roisin Dubh. I hadn't been there since last year and it's all 'done up'. Nice, bigger, good venue really I suppose. I doubt I'll ever tread that hallowed stage. An ozzie guy was on first - very funny I thought. I think it's easier for foreign comedians because we are quite good at laughing at ourselves and all they have to do is make accurate observations....his big one was how Irish people usually have a fit attack when saying goodbye on the many times can I say it...bye, ba -bye, bye, bye, ba-bye, bye, bye....bye. I tend to do it but Tony's BIL is the funniest!
The second guy on....Keith something or other from Dublin...was a newcomer....think he best go back to the day job.....he was obviously nervous and ended up cursing more than making jokes. I can't talk...personally I let a few slip out and totally agree that correctly placed superlatives (is that the right word?) within a joke can make it so much more funny, but this guy was way ott. Because things weren't going too well, his racist, sexist, etc jokes went down like a lead balloon. They weren't desperately racist, etc but when someone isn't funny, just crude, it doesn't work. No-one was rolling in the aisles and everyone at our table was of the same opinion....yer man is useless.

On to Delamare. He was very funny. A bit more crude than I thought he'd be (I'm beginning to sound like a prude now me thinks!) but as he said...we were going to get everything they couldn't show on The Panel. (for anyone who doesn't have a clue what I'm on about...The Panel is the comedy news show on RTE 2 hosted by Daire O'Briain....and Neil Delamare is the 'country boy with freckles' on it). He did a one hour slot....mainly because he is preparing for Vicar's street gigs and wanted to know if he had an hour's worth of material. There was a complete twit of a blonde lady from Mayo in the front row who tried to be smart the whole way through his act. I'd say she really annoyed him and was beginning to annoy everyone who paid good money to go to see him. She wasn't funny, but was totally attention seeking.....get a life mayogirl. The first comedian had drawn attention to her when asking 'anyone not from Galway?' and of course she piped up....then she obviously felt it was her job to add to the conversation for everyone from then on. Loser. All in all, aside from the spanner from Mayo it was a good night. Met a girl that I knew in college...she had just got engaged and they had plenty of news so it was a good gang to be with too. All unplanned, but it beats sitting at home watching the telly......

I looked through my bits to see if there was anything I hadn't posted up.....there's a LO I did for my aunt as a Christmas Present. Based on a LO from a Cyber crop on Little Cottage Crafts many moons ago. Loved it, and took it a bit further using fabby Ella papers from Cherry Art. Frame from the wonderful Eva. It was a great present because my aunt is v. arty and difficult to buy things for. She loved it. My Funny Girl.


Kate said...

Hi Coco,
I SO know what you mean about CJ's, Karen's one arrived safe and sound in the post this morning. LOVE the LO you did for your aunt for Xmas, great minds think alike my aunt is exactly the same, she has everything she wants/needs so what do you get??? so I had the same idea a framed LO, brlliant, only difference between yours and mine is that you actually got it done. My aunt is still waiting for hers (blush) and even says when I'm talking to her to keep it till next Xmas!!! whats worse is I never actually told her what I was doing, just said I was making something and that it would be worth the wait LOL :-) she will get it evenually:-)

Paula said...

such a fun design.
Gosh, I remember Nick Kershaw!!!
My mojo got up & walked out. I have been poorly from general stress really, lack of heat all them wks etc.. & my ability to concentrate & design has gone.
I've done the odd few cards & Im glad for that, but I long to complete a 12" page that has been sat on my table for two weeks!!!
It won't speak to me!