Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Honey Honey

Went to see Mama Mia last weekend. We had got Mam a ticket for Christmas and all the girls were going to go....but Sharon couldn't because it was Mairead's months mine (mind?) and so Dad went intead. He was one of the 5% male contingent! It's a great show for sure, although there were a few overly zealous ladies in front of us who had to sing and cackle....getting into the spirit of course, but a little grating on the nerves. Otherwise my weekend was frought with the flu. Went to bed on Thursday night at 9.30 because I knew I wasn't 'right'. Broken sleep, and when I woke on Friday morning I didn't think I'd be able to go to Dublin because I felt awful. Called off work and went back to sleep. Woke at 12.30 feeling slightly better and able for the off to the train and on to Dublin.
It was the following day that killed me. As I knew it would. Energy levels were at an all time low and the ladies wanted to tackle Dundrum shopping centre. I knew they wouldn't last long beyond lunch, so suffered on, but paid for it on Sunday. Got Eilis's entire summer wardrobe in H&M and got a few bits of make up for myself as a treat. Sunday wasn't fit for much, went back into Galway early and Eilis's eye began to weep. She wasn't a happy baby most weekend so we decided to keep her home from the creche on Monday. I had meetings during the day, but with some wangling managed to get Elaine to mind her for a couple of hours in the morning and Patsy took a couple of hours in the afternoon. I was home at 4.15 and dinner made, feet up by 5. I was glad of the early day to, to be honest. A good night's sleep on Monday had us all back on our feet and in flying form yesterday and hopefully that's the last of the colds till next winter. I'm not able to breathe through my mouth!
No crafting whatsoever done. Must get to it tonight. Also want to get some photos printed. Have the new Basic Grey on order and it was shipped yesterday so hopefully I'll have something to ooh and ahh over tonight. Need to make something easy for dinner and get some washing done....then settle into some crafting....even though I really am not inspired at all :(

Sin é folks.

Claire's birthday at the weekend - no doubt she'll be expecting something fabby from my studio, so best get the thinking cap on for that I suppose.....something easy, fun, but looks wildly difficult!

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