Monday, May 21, 2007

Galway & Mayo

Yes, it is a song the fact I am going to search out the lyrics and post them up's a fabby one, and very apt

Hardly anyone had the telly
It was a different kind of world
Heaven was a game of football
Before I ever kissed the girls

We used to go out driving
We’d travel near and far
Nearly every Sunday
In me Father’s oul’ ford car

And He’d be pointing out the landmarks
Everywhere we’d go, Through the Twistings , turning , winding roads
Of Galway and Mayo

Me mother in the front seat
Children in the back
We’d be imagining Indians in theFields
Waiting to attack

And we’d be asking “ are we nearly there?”
Wearing clothes that came
In a parcel from America,
The two of us the same

And He’d be pointing........

There’s a stillness in the summer Air,
Sheep dog lying in the sun
Three young girls with butterfly nets
Break into a run

Now the time flies by like always
I’ve got my own boy right now
Like cowboys in the oul’ corolla
We go and drive around

The land was let go lately
But I take him out that way
I show him where we cut the turf
And where we saved the hay

And I’ll be pointing out The landmarks .........

Perfect description of my childhood (except the parcels from America....we had no relations there, unfortunately. It was a big part of my Mother's life though...gas)

So Galway did bate Mayo yesterday. In the Stadium. It took 5 hours to get from our house (3 miles from The Stadium) across town, to watch the match (approx 2 hours) and get home. Not impressed and considering writing a letter to a local paper. I was always a Tuam Stadium supporter, but with commute times of 1.5 hours from within Galway city, we would have got to Castlebar and back quicker.

The result was good though. Galway played well. Our local man played well. Sharon's boyf played ok. We brought Eilis to the match...over the turnstyle as it were and she kinda enjoyed it. Better get used to it chicken cos it could be a long summer. We carried an umbrella, rain coats and fleeces because John flaming Eagleton said it was going to rain and even though we were in the stand we weren't under cover (go figure). It didn't rain, at all, and thankfully I had my emergency factor 60 in my handbag or we'd have been very red faced this morning.
I have resigned myself to the fact that I will be paying top dollar for sitting down tickets all summer and there will be no racing back to the car in the dying minutes to get on the road. No racing in my condition!

Other than that, the weekend was a bit squally. We tried to go to the playground on Saturday but only got 10 minutes between the showers. Went for a 'spin' ala the sawdocs instead and looked out at swans on the lake.

Ok have to go now...major f*ck up in the office - most of our backed up jobs are lost on a stupid external hard drive that can't be recovered. Trust technology my hole. I am going back to a pen and paper and photocopying everything. Going to print off emails now because it's all a crock. Very very annoyed as most of the stuff seems to be my jobs, including one that we worked on for over a year, with 3,000 photos.

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