Monday, May 28, 2007

Manic Monday

Ya, that song is apt....if you thought I was cross at the end of my last post....lucky I didn't post here on Friday morning. My own laptop decided to give up. Two years old. This is the third hard drive that has failed in the office in the last month. Something spooky going on. Two external hard drives and my laptop. Luckily, I had backed up to my own external in April so wouldn't have lost too much (except May photos and Kirsty's pics of me!) although now I don't trust that external either. Even more luckily, the guy came in this morning and managed to get Windows working again so I have been backing up all through lunch....he said it might go again and so he's going to get me a new hard drive as it's a hardware problem and not software or virus.....very annoying.

Why else is my day manic....Brian is gone to Barcelona on holidays for a week so I have to deal with any of the various people who need stuff from him...and then a few phonecalls from people who haven't rang about work in weeks...all decided that this morning was best to ring and harass me. What fun. Seems to have calmed down somewhat....and I had a nice lunch and so hopefully the afternoon won't be too eventful. Might even do some crafting tonight cos Tony is gone home to make hay while the sun shines....or silage, for that matter. Yes, it's that time of year again folks! Turf home, silage made....all before the June Bank!

I'm afraid to post any pics with this post in case it affects my poor puter, but hopefully in the next few days we'll be back to normal again.
Just another manic monday. wow I loved the Bangles.....and they hit it bang on the head so they did.....

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