Thursday, June 28, 2007

Blaze of Glory

Nearly didn't have a song there...but this one is applicable.

Our weekend, as ever was eventful...summary is Friday evening chilled at home in my parents house and watched the Big Brother evictions. Dad is going to lose the plot that Charley is not up for eviction this week AGAIN. He hates the programme with a passion, but with 4 young ladies in the house (our house at home I mean) he doesn't really get a choice on a Friday evening. He admitted two weeks ago that he would vote Charley out even though he has no idea how to go about it...but as much as he hates BB, he cannot abide her bickering, loud mouthedness, etc more. I agree Dad. Enough BB talk, what else did we do?

Saturday afternoon there was mass in the church for the 50th anniversary of the primary school I attended, so myself, Mam and Claire went down for a look. The service went on forever, and we were a bit jaded afterwards. Across to the school for a look around - they had the old roll books (it's not that long since I left I suppose....well 16 odd years!) and lots of photos, etc and launched a book. I spoke to all my old teachers and told one of them that I had hemmed my own trousers that very morning, because she had taught me to sew so well. She was chuffed enough - said her own kids won't do it, cos she does it for them! I used to hate the fact that girls had to do sewing (this was in the 80s not the flippin 60s you know) while the lads got to go out and play football, etc....I don't see any of them togging out for Arsenal or Man U now though, so maybe my sewing skills have stood the test of time better! Pic is of my Sixth Class. Have made it as small as possible as it is not a photo I would be proud of....but hey, it shows the times!
Saturday evening, we went to Tony's home house....well actually to the site of our house to be...where they were having a bonfire. Despite a wet start to the day, the evening ended up lovely and all the neighbours and kids were there. Quite a motly crew indeed....came to stage where whiskey was being drank out of Bud bottles...fantastic stuff. Kids were a little afraid at first, but loved being allowed to stay up late...of course! Memories are made of this....

In case anyone is wondering what it's all about...the 23rd of June is St. John's night, and it was a pagan tradition to have bonfires. My MIL said it was about throwing all your worries into the fire and facing the rest of the year. I think the date may have originally been the summer solstice and the Church decided to holy it up by associating it with nearest saint's day? I'll have to look it up (note: have looked it up and it seems the solstice used to be 24th of June...something to do with old and new calendars). Anyway, all around Ireland (but esp in East Galway...we are big into fires - weddings, winning football matches, etc) fires are lit with a little (or large) party. I remember as a child there was one estate in town who used to have a DJ and everything. Ours were always more modest affairs....most bonfires were judged by how many car tyres you could gather in the weeks leading up to it, but the giveaway black smoke is illegal now and so bonfires have toned down a bit. We had a few pallets and hedge and tree cuttings.

I called in to a shop on the way and bought some marshmallows....everyone sniggered when I arrived - the fire will be too hot, there's no way to cook them. Ye of little faith. Our neighbour Frank had the bright idea of using a 4 pronged pitchfork (sterlised in the flames beforehand...and we're all fine since btw) to roast 4 mallows at a time. The fork gave him a longer reach...and we all tasted a mallow. When you're out, you're out!

Bad sleep on Saturday night. It was sooooo bright in the room, especially because I made blackout curtains for our room in Mam's house on Friday and it was like sleeping in a dungeon by comparison. Sunday we chilled in the morning and watched McGuyver...the only 80s programme that seems to have stood the test of time (have seen a couple of reruns of Wonder Woman...omg what utter rubbish). My sis Elaine was playing camogie with the County team and so we decided to support her, despite the fact the senior footballers were playing Leitrim in the Connaght Semi Final. It was televised. We travelled to Athenry, watched the first half of the football match in a pub...very strange place. It was Eilis's first time in a pub - she wondered why I had to pay for the drinks and why there wasn't a cooker in the lady's can guess what the bar looked like if a 3 year old was looking for a cooker....we'll just say no plasma screens or poker machines. Anyway, the telly worked and we watched some footy. Back to Ellie's match. They drew. First half good - she got 3 points. Second half bad - they all played crappo and let the Corkonians back into the game.

Back to Galway via Tony's aunt and uncles house for a quick visit and then an early night for all. usual. What am I up to this weekend?...a preview of events - party for Claire on Friday night - she's going to Oz for 2 months, Hen party on Saturday in Killaloe - adventure centre and drinks later. All this at 5 months preggo and still going strong. Feeling good though, so we have to live the life while we still can...come winter there'll be another littleun to be minding pg.

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