Wednesday, June 20, 2007

New Look

A new look, fresh approach is required for this blog. Unfortunately I have only managed so far to change my harm you might say, the Christmas one was probably pushing it in the middle of June. So now you see me ala Kirsty. Pic taken at Crafteire in April.

Am going to just post a few pics and blog random stuff from the last while as it comes to me. Mammoth post with no structure coming up!

This is the little one, as seen on the first scan - 24th May 2007. First pic, so to speak. All's going well with pregnancy so far tg. For the uninitiated, baby's head is on the left - brain and eye and nose are the darker bits. Big round bit to the right of pic is it's tummy I think. Have been getting lots of movement - especially yesterday, whatever it was up to. All good, but kinda distracting when you're in a work meeting for two hours and no-one but you knows that you are being pummelled from the inside! Private joke you could call it I suppose.

I'll post another Kirsty pic - my fav. Am not going to put them all up on blog - too modest for that I'm afraid. I really like this pic though - this is me 100%, or at least the mood I would like to be in most of the time....happy, thoughtful (not to others, but rather thinking about stuff), cheeky.

Hmmn, Father's Day. I haven't photographed the bits and bobs I made yet. Eilis gave her Dad a little mini book with pics of them. I gave her a hand making it, as you can imagine, although she made a card in creche on Friday with glitter, etc all by herself. She has got really good at colouring, and really likes doing it at the moment. Seemingly, you are not supposed to tell small children that they should keep within the lines, as it frustrates them, so I never mentioned it to her. Tony, obviously hadn't read that childcare book and told her one day. Since then she has been keeping in the lines and almost gave us a look to say 'why didn't someone tell me this before now, of course I'm able to colour within the lines'. This is worth scrapping, I know - must really get to it.

For my own father, I made a little altered journal called 'stamp notes' as he is quite into stamp and coin collecting and with the advent of ebay, there are always little notes left around the computer at home that I thought might be best collected in one spot - a journal. Hopefully he'll use it. His card was a menu for dinner on Sunday, cooked by me. Chicken and mushroom starter, steak, ratatouille and garlic potatoes for main and a surprise for desert. All the family were home and dinner was delish, if I may say so myself. We are not really big into eating out, as, to be honest, you really would cook as nice at home as most of the local places. So in honour of Father's Day, here's a LO of me and my Dad. I may have posted this before, but what of's one of my favourites.
So that's it for now. Am feeling a little more inspired lately and hoping to get some crafting done soon. My hard-drive issues seem to be solved and so there's no excuse now. I have to go get a load of pics printed and go from there.


eva birdthistle said...

Wow, the scan is so clear! That is amazing!!! Love the patches of paper behind the LO too!

Kate said...

Love the LO and your little bundle looks like he/she has a right little belly on him/her. HA HA LOL
Scan is great !!!