Friday, June 29, 2007

Waltzing Matilda

I had some fun yesterday. Despite the rain and traffic I made my way into town to pick up some good stuff. Claire is going to Oz on Saturday so i wanted to buy her a couple of small bits and pieces. I had a list and rushed to Eason's before the door closed (mad they close at 6.15 - it's totally somewhere you would while away an evening if it was open). I was debating whether to buy her a travel notebook or not. I had made one for Sharon when she was going to Canada for the summer a few years ago and put family photos, etc into it. She said it was lovely but ended up being a bit bulky - that one was a ringbound art journal so I see where she was coming from. She suggested a bookmark with photos which would be nice, but now Claire is after buying an i-POD with all her pics on it, so I don't think she needs photos at all. Anyway, back to Easons - they have beautiful notebooks (expensive enough but lovely and decorative with magnetic clasps) - the name escapes me. I bought one for her and will tell her that I'll compile her notes, emails and photos into a journal/scrapbook when she comes home....or maybe I won't tell her and it can be a Christmas present - we'll see.

Then I spotted some Moleskin journals. Well, I tell a lie. I knew they were there....fabby ..... and then I spotted that they were acid free so I bought a pack and am going to Journal as if I was Yeats. This is it (left) and yes, you will notice that I have added a title...with my NEW DYMO MACHINE. I've been soooo jealous of everyone's layouts that include dymo cos I've wanted one since I was 10. Dad brought one home from work once and I thought it was the coolest thing ever. And yesterday, Lidl had them in stock for €7.99. Don't know if this is expensive, but anything under a tenner is good value to me. I stocked up on tape aswell and spent the evening labelling.

I also bought a few 5x7 small photo albums in Easons for temporary (ie pre scrapping) storage. I never realised how difficult it is to get 5x7 photo albums - they only had one type - a two pack for €3.99. Again, I can't complain. I made an Eilis Album and an 'other' Family album. The scrapping juices are beginning to flow again I just can't wait to get started. Am off to Clare for the weekend, so we'll see how that goes and maybe I'll get something crafty happening next week.

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