Thursday, July 05, 2007

Cheer Up Sleepy Jean

Have been feeling pretty weary of late...weary of work, weary of negativity, etc. Dunno if it's a pregnancy thing - but this too will pass, no doubt. I wonder if I am surrounding myself with enough cheer and good spirit....definitely I am not enjoying work at the moment - the buzz is gone. Also at the weekend I was at a hen party and met up again with some of my good friends from college...some are just so negative when I needed fun. Of course, I injected fun in so far as possible, but maybe we are getting to the stage in life where things are getting us down...late twenties...not sure about work or whether we like our jobs, married/stress of wedding, mortgage costs, etc

I have always tried to take a pretty positive outlook on life and don't like to burden people with my woes (which maybe I'm doing with this blog entry - apologies) and some might say that it is bottling it up, but when you are out for the weekend and all you get is whinging about work or having no money to go to hen parties and weddings, etc, you begin to think that bottling it up is the way to go. At least you aren't dragging others down with you? I have four weddings to attend this summer - I have plenty to moan about - I can't drink and will look like a whale....but am looking forward to them all. I am in good health besides a bump, tiredness, needing to pee and heat control issues, and so am going to party for all I'm worth, because now's the time to enjoy weddings....and who knows, I might never be invited to another one!

Yesterday, I was so down at work (now down for me isn't too bad really, but it's all relative to my normal mood) that I you-tubed Peter Kay and watched ten minutes with a pen in my mouth. Was watching Brainiac on Tuesday night and it seems that if you watch something funny with a pen in your mouth keeping your lips in a smile shape, you are more likely to laugh and find it funny. I love Peter at the best of times, but the pen trick worked and I giggled to myself and put myself in a good mood. This is one of the things 'The Secret' Book encourages. I haven't finished scrapping it, but have done a few other creative things and am looking forward to getting serious crafting done at the weekend...well, Friday night anyway! I printed out 50 quid worth of photos last week and have 3 mini books in mind. One is almost complete, another is cut up but needs to be stuck together and the third I haven't decided how to approach yet.

Also, to cheer me up today, I have decided to post pics of my favourite things. I may also do a layout or minibook of this...actually a minibook that would fit in my handbag would be a good idea..... Have planned some kiddie crafting for myself and Eilis at the weekend (Tony is gone to a stag party) so we are going to have fun, fun, fun...and laugh all day pg. Pics include my favourite dinner - Bacon and cabbage! (vote for your favourite irish dinner here...) Sherbet sweets (or sherbeRt) as we called them), my funny little chicken and funny hubby who makes me laugh....especially when we have spent 8 yoyos each on an ice-cream on our honeymoon!
Spead some cheer today!

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CarolineO said...

God, you learn something new everyday....sherbet....sherbeRt....hmmmmmmmm never knew about that one!