Monday, July 30, 2007

We're All goin on a Summer Holiday

So we went on a little break last week - well actually the week before last - bad blogger didn't update any pics, etc. Hit the road on Wednesday 19th July cos Tony isn't starting new job for a few weeks. We decided on an economy family holiday and went to Tony's sister's house in Dublin....a trip to Powerscourt on the way up and Dublin Zoo and we were all set. Weather was not very nice, but hey, it's good to get out of the office even for a few days break. As usual, most of the pics are of Tony and Eilis as I was behind the camera, but I allowed Tony to take one of me....and herself with fabulous gardens in the background. Had never been to Powerscourt and didn't know what Eilis would make of it, but she was like a mad thing running around. Said the house was 'huge' to Tony's sister .... who lives in a 'tiny' house, which she loved to hear. She lives in a quaint little two up two town in Stoneybatter....Eilis couldn't believe that there was no bath! and that there was a bed in the sitting room (sofa bed). Oh, how privileged we are in our 3-bed semi D!
The following morning we headed for our hopefully annual excursion to Dublin Zoo. It's a great place, with something for every age and also changes if you only go once a year...lots to see. The big attraction is the baby elephant. And no, Eilis is not sitting on real one....this was a carving in the playground before we got some heavy rain showers and had to bail out. In the afternoon we went to get 'jelly on my belly' - a 4D scan of the new baby and Eilis found out for the first time exactly why my belly is so big. We have a DVD of the scan - wow, technology is mad, but I haven't scanned the image yet. Will post it up....scary how real it all is, especially compared to the ordinary scans. All is well with baby TG but I am scanning a couple of weeks further along than I am....not surprising given that Eilis was an almost nine pounder and the average is 7.5 pounds.
We had promised Eilis a swim on Friday, but the weather was awful so we hit the road for home to beat the afternoon traffic. Also decided to go swimming in Athlone - Eilis thought it was Dublin so we said's only 25 mins from home! After our swim we called out to Glasson for our lunch in a fabby little pub and called to my aunt and uncle for a visit. They own wooden holiday chalets and I had described the place to Tony before but couldn't really get the point across so he was really shocked at how nice it description didn't do it any justice at all! We got a guided tour of a new crannog that they had built and a barn that had been converted, cup of tea and a chat and then it was only a half hour home. Great to break the journey.
Tony has been offered a job starting the week after next so Eilis is getting loads of trips to see her cousins, etc and having a great time. It's race week in Galway this week so hoping to get out this evening and maybe Friday again. Was at a wedding in Clare at the weekend - photos are useless cos it was raining ...what a pity because Sunday and Monday have been fabby...and I kinda overdid it by way of dancing, staying up late, etc, so I'm avoiding the big race days - wednesday and thursday. I wouldn't be able to stand for a full day or my ankles would be the size of I dunno what! Never had this kind of fluid retention with Eilis but I suppose that's the heat as well....there's a lot to be said about being pregnant in winter time...and there would be less weddings too!
Last week ordered some fabby Love, Elsie products - didn't realise that they could be bought in Ireland but fair play to Anna Marie - she had them in the post next day and I spent all last thursday night stroking them. Have no plan as to how to use them yet, but maybe this week I'll get a while. Am working on a 'Bump book' with notes from pregnancy at the moment and also got some fabby Idea books...will post pics later - they rock. So my crafting enthusiasm is back, it's just time that's lacking.....roll on maternity leave!


Kate said...

Aah it looks like ye had a fab time in Dublin. LOVE the pics and it's great to see you in them too!!!!
I also got Love Elsie from Annamarie and used them straight away (although I haven't posted anything on my blog YET!!). I have decided to use everything I buy instead of just stroking them.
Can't wait to see your scan pics and your bump book - what a cool idea.

Great to see you back in the land of blogging, I missed ya!! Take care {{{{HUGS}}}}

noelle said...

Hi Corina

Sounds like you've had a lovely holiday. We can't wait to get to the zoo to see the elephants, that photo of Eilis is class!!

This is just a quickie to let you know that I've tagged you!!