Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Here Comes the Summer

Weekend Crafting in our house.....

Here's what Eilis and I got up to at the weekend....

There's lot of advice about crafting with kids in the most recent Scrapbook Inspiration Magazine, etc and so I decided that I would prepare in advance and cut out some funky foam shapes and on Saturday we sat in the garden and stuck them altogether. The backing is corregated paper...all bits from my local crafty shop up the road - Cregal Arts. We had good fun except it was a little bit windy and so we had to make sure no bits blew away.
I also managed to get a little bit of crafting done for myself as my darling hubby was gone for a stag weekend. Friday night was spent putting together a LO based on an Ali Edwards LO in one of her books. It's a really simple style - using my coolio new circle punch which I seem to have broken though :( and I think the simplicity is growing on me.
I also got cracking on a little mini book of our trip to the beach on the June Bank Holiday weekend. It isn't finished yet - have to make a front cover and finish the very last page, but here's a sneak peak. I used some left over 3 bugs stickers and minimal papers, with 6x4 pics. I find that because I don't have a very reliable photo printer I prefer to stick to projects with little or no cropping involved. Shimelle had a very cool 'Confessions' project on her blog before, which I used to make a mini book with all 5x7 pics. This showed me that you don't need to crop all the time and it's good to use standard sizes...less work involved, all round.
Sunday went to watch Galway get beaten by Sligo in the Connacht Football Final - not good, but kinda have to say I'm glad it was Sligo - they deserved to win and they hadn't won a Connacht in 32 years.
Monday had an appointment in the hospital to check for diabetes in pregnancy. It's a voluntary study being carried out as seeing as I am a could I say no. All we had to do was fast for 12 hours (most of it in bed asleep, in fairness), then let a nice lady take blood (although she kept saying my veins are very small/deep, etc....thanks lady - that really makes me feel better), drink some yeucky glucose stuff, let her take blood again an hour later (after sitting reading The Secret and spending time thinking about what I was grateful for....uplifting stuff), sit for another hour and then let her take the last blood. I'm not squeemish, but probably appeared quite the career woman to the others in the room as I texted and rang the office, etc. I'm not one for sitting around with nothing to do. Would have brought my crafty bits if I knew I'd have all that time to myself. Won't know results for a few weeks, so I'm going to lush on chocolate in the meantime just in case.
Monday was a deplorable day weather wise, but yesterday was fabby, so we decided to get the barbie out in the evening for our dinner. I had some chicken fillets; we invited the neighbours next door who had a salad and a couple of burgers so it was all very easy and enjoyable. They are so nice and always giving us tea and cake and ice-cream and sweets for Eilis when we call over, so it was nice to be able to invite them and it all worked out well for something prepared at short notice. Our barbie was a wedding present from some of my friends and it hasn't had much use because it was boxed up, but seeing as we won't be moving home any time this summer, we brought it in a few weeks ago. It didn't stop raining since, but hopefully there will be plenty more days to get out and use it.
Have had lots of Bebo-ing, etc with my sis who's gone to New Zealand for the summer. She's only gone a week, but has already gone zorbing, bungeed and sky-dived. My, won't she be back to reality in September! Tony bungeed at the stag weekend and they both said I'd love it. I know I would, but not in my current condition....maybe next summer!


gertie (aka aine) said...

i just love that picture!! go girls!!
im working on some craft projects for my lads at the moment and i think your idea just might get on the list!!

and congrats on the pregnancy!!

Kirsty said...

girl, you need a blog header. Ill make you one!
thanks for the lovely commetn on my blog - talk about negativty!

Karva said...

coco OMG I'm only catching up, congradulations on the pregnancy, you must be over the moon :) :)
Love the card and LO.
Keep smiling

Kate said...

Coco I tagged you, YOU ROCK

Paula said...

Great stuff. Love that circles layout.
Congrats on the pregnancy.