Thursday, August 09, 2007

Mammoth Post Alert

So I'm a sporadic poster...and I realise I have been tagged...will get to that.

Have just uploaded some pics onto my 'puter so wanna get those up too. Firstly - to show the power of technology, here is no. 2 as we like to call 'the bump' in 4D glory...of course this is a computer screen so you will only be seeing 2D but it's still amazing. Imagine having a video clip of yourself before you were born...absolutely mental stuff altogether! We don't know if it's a boy or a girl...although Eilis definitely wants a sister and refuses to think it might be a boy. Dad had a talk with her last weekend explaining that God will decide, and she came around to the idea for about 2 minutes and then went back to it being a sister, called Lauren! She is also going to sleep in the cot in Eilis's room (which we hadn't taken down unfortunately) and even when I said that babies wake a lot during the night, she said 'well then we'll both come in and cuddle in your bed with you and Daddy'. Yes I realise that this is likely to be the case and am trying to get as much sleep in advance, but I don't like the feeling that this is all a set up!

Last weekend we chilled out at home and on Monday called to see Tony's sister who is in the Gaeltacht as part of a teacher training course. The gaeltacht happens to be beside where my grandparents live so we called in to see them too. Had dinner with Eileen and Eilis got to feed the ducks as promised. Busy day, but we were still home in time for Prison Break. Am completely and utterly addicted and plan my Mondays around it. I love double episodes of things - it's just the perfect amount of time I think. Must go send RTE an old message of support.

Also last week I got some fabby dabby Love Elsie bits from Anna Maries shop and got to work on them straight away. I bought a few bits from each of her three collections but have only cut into one yet.....I also managed to get the layout done in one evening which is a first for's not my usual style, I decided I'd try something a bit more radical considering the papers I was using. Not sure what I think of it, but the photo wasn't great and so it was more about the overall effect and getting the point across that Eilis is a little tricker...with a twinkle in her eye.
Other than that I'm working on lots of bits and pieces but never seem to have the time to sit down and get a load of crafting done. I definitely was in the doldrums for a while but think my general mood has improved in the last couple of weeks and my mojo came back with it. Ah, the ups and downs of pregnancy! Coming up to 30 weeks now, still feeling good and not too whale like.
This is our last weekend of normality...although it's our wedding anniversary - had hoped to get a mini book done, but think it's a bigger project than that - You & Me. I have loads of nice photos of myself and himself from over the years and want to put them all together in one place - ideally something I can add to. They aren't all of occasions, just ones I like the look of us in - pure vanity of course! I've signed up for Shimelle's 'worth a thousand words' course which is giving me great ideas, so I might use it for that, but then I'm wondering if I should just use an 8x8 album so I can add to it again.....we'll see.... I love the informal-ity? of mini books and that you can just get them done rather than a load of scrapbook pages. On the other hand, I have 4 half finished mini books sitting in various bags at home....roll on maternity leave!!!
So the next three weekends after this one is Wedding Fever! 3 weddings with no drink and sore feet...I love it. Ah no, really enjoyed Cormac and Lorraine's and the next three are all close friends/cousins so there'll be different groups of people to meet and have the laugh. Am now thinking about a mini book/album called 'My best friend's wedding' into which I'll include a couple of pics, invitation and whatever...considering it is the season for it..... Mini book fever!
I need to think about 7 things that people don't know about me.....and I'll be back!


Evonne said...

Hiya Corina! The scan photo is fab! Isn't it amazing the detail you can see? Hope you're doing well! See you soon.

ps - I do hope its a girl for Eilis sake!

Kate said...

OMG LOVE the scan it's fab you can see so much detail and I think it looks like a girl!!!! ;-)
Love your LO I used exactly the same papers in a LO too it's over on The Scrapwest blog.

Tigger's rambling said...

Wow that scan photo is amazing :-)

Just keep talking about the baby and don't mention boy or a child your dd age, it will just be a baby, so don't make a big deal of the gender. She will just accept it when the time comes and don't forget to have a special present for her from the new baby HTH :-)

Neasa said...

Wow, that scan is fantastic. the detail is amazing. You'll have to scrap it!!
Where in the Gaeltacht were ye? Not Carraroe by any chance. We've had student teachers around quite a bit.
That L.O. is just beautiful. Great that you caught that look! Pure devilment! Hope you can still see your feet and hope everything goes smoothly for you. "You won't feel it now" (Ugh, I used to hate people saying that, found it the most annoying pregnancy phrase ever!)