Tuesday, September 18, 2007

For she's a jolly good fellow....

So it's my birthday today...and I ate my weetabix this morning to the tune of Eilis and Tony singing Happy Birthday and For She's a Jolly Good Fellow, in total....quite a Disney Movie moment! Who's this cute little thing - ah that would be me - only official photo till my graduation from college....
I don't have a lot to say about birthdays...this year I don't have anything major planned - can't really go out mad, and am not really one to organise my own party anyway to be honest. Will prob go for dinner after work (can't wait till 8 - I'd starve and then have cramps or wind all night!) and later T and I will prob go to cinema.
We got the sky channels last week...funny, cos most people say that they don't bother watching all the channels and that the movie channels aren't that good anyway. Not that we are film buffs or anything, but to be honest, one of us is worse than the other for the kind of stuff we would watch. Since last week, excluding weekend, we have watched a film on the movie channel every night! and who says there's nothing on! Main thing is that we don't really go to the cinema that often. A friend of mine told me when I was pregnant with Eilis to get as many films in as possible, because after you have a baby, and people offer to babysit, you feel that you have to go mad out on the town and make a big night of it in order to get it's full 'worth' whereas the cinema is no big deal. This, and the fact that we dont' really rent DVDs means that most of the films on the movie channel at the moment we haven't seen before - The Da Vinci Code was on last week - I've read the book, but we had never seen the movie. Fantastic - it was such a treat for us.
Anyway, popcorn, fanta and maltesers beckon tonight as my birthday treat. Not sure what we'll go to see yet.I don't know if I have any particular birthday memories....is that strange? We didn't ever really do the big birthday party with all my school friends - usually about 3 or 4 came up to our house and the party was always on the birth day, as opposed to a saturday or sunday. There were no bouncing castles - a swiss roll with candles (mam took out a raspberry log as an early birthday cake on Sunday! for a little party after dinner), rice crispie buns, crisps and fizzy drinks. There were no party bags, etc.

Actually, I went for a browse of photos there and found my fifth birthday - the ring cake (above). We had those for most of us and have made a few for Eilis already.....fabby. This gives me an idea for the big one next year, our 30th - maybe a joint with my DH - and we will have ring cakes. In fact maybe a seventy's theme party would be uber fun or else a children's style party with all the things we loved as kids.

Anyhoo...that's my lot for today - two posts in a week - wow! Best get some work done and forget about birthday things for now....although I might go get a can of Club Orange as a little treat for myself. Woo hoo!


Evonne said...

Happy birthday Corina! I had no idea when your birthday was, but if I had been asked to guess your star sign I would definitely have said you were a Virgo!
I can totally see where your friend was coming from re the cinema vs a night out! Someone (wise!) once said to me, "the first child changes your social life, the second destroys it" so probably just as well ye got the Movie Channel ;)

CarolineO said...

Happy Birthday! Hope you had a great party! Love the pics!

Karva said...

Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you.
Hope you have a fantastic day and get spoiled rotten!!
How long left?