Friday, September 21, 2007

Random Thoughts

Here's some really random thoughts and answers to a few comments people posted in the last few days....

  • It would cost €5.7 million to get The Eagles to play at a private concert -

  • I am now 35 weeks and 5 days pregnant.....i.e. I could go any day now. I don't have my 'bag' packed. That will happen this weekend.

  • I tried to explain the difference between knitting and crochet to Tony last night. I'd say he is more confused than ever. I found a crochet hook and some wool so started a couple of circles (I'm self taught, so only ever learned how to make circles....although they are ever so chic on scrap layouts at the moment...and even saw some on a card in M&S at the weekend). It's very relaxing and much quicker than knitting I think....although I end up with very chunky woollens. Am making a little white hat for no. 2. They will probably not be able to wear it cos it will be too hot though!

  • I just learned you can make bullets in your blog

  • My grandparents live in Cornamona (Nessa was wondering) - it's north Connemara as opposed to way out west....although I have frequented some of the fineries in Carraroe...what's that hotel/niteclub with a woman's name? Bridies? Rosies? Nancys?...this will wreck my head all day!

  • Prison Break started back on again last night - Series 3. Love it.

  • I am currently in the 'nesting' part of the pregnancy and have been tidying and organising for the last week. Have new shelves and baskets in our living room (will post a pic cos it really made the place tidier looking). Have kinda tackled upstairs, but the craft/dining/play/office/general junk room is not in good shape. It's bearing the brunt of all the other stuff. I went through all my craft mags and am giving a sheaf of them away to my neighbour. I might photocopy the best bits of the other mags and give them away too...there are so many ads when you look through them

  • Tonight we are going bowling with work. Not sure what I'll be able for but definitely intend to get them all to put a 9 or 10 pound bowling ball up their tops and then think about how you would walk, sleep, move, etc with one of them there permanently for a few months. I am expecting sympathy!

  • And to finish, I will add some random photos me thinks.....I've randomly picked photos off my computer with numbers instead of names so I have no idea what will appear until I have not! I've now looked at them. The first is a bog....this is what I spent 2 years studying in college. The second is my sister giving Eilis a piggy back. Not the most flattering pic - sorry! The third is my hen night....we had a cocktail party with some karaoke thrown in for good measure.

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Neasa said...

Was it "Josies"??? Jesus I hope ye didn't go there, it's a dive!!!!
My Mom came into my house during the latter stage of my 1st pregnancy to find me up on a chair Dettoling the walls, looked at me and said "Ahhh, your nesting" I was like "Huh?, I'm just bored"!!! Didn't realise then that animal instincts were kicking in! Hope you've got that bag packed now! I left it till the last minute and DD had to wear a hospital "gown" thingy. I had everything except a babygro (I think DS took it out to show his friends how small it was)