Friday, October 12, 2007

Any day now.....

I've decided to offer a prize to anyone who can come up with a way to accurately tell the date a baby will be born. I'm sure all the other pregnant ladies, or ladies who have ever been pregnant and asked the question 'so when are you due?' would be willing to chip in. Fact: only 5% of babies are born on their 'due date' so the odds are pretty rubbish. I'm not trying to be smart when I tell people it could be today or it could be 2 weeks....that's simply the way it is, but with this pregnancy it seems to be getting to me more than last time. Am defo at the stage where I feel I have been pregnant for-ever.....and the end is not really in sight. Maybe I'm writing this to tempt fate...fair enough, I'm happy to tempt it - am now at 39 weeks - Eilis was two weeks overdue and so obviously my old (or not so old) womb isn't a bad place to hang out after hours. I hope no. 2 doesn't have the same idea because the thought of potentially 3 more weeks of this is not appealling. I've broken the confinement slightly and gone into work a few times this week but want to really finish it all up this week and so today is the day I send the email around to everyone and put the 'out of office' notice on my email. Fantastic.

I'm still crocheting - I tried knitting but find you have to concentrate more and also you find that if you drop a stitch the whole thing is lost, whereas in crochet, worst case is it's a bit tighter or looser - all is not lost. I've also managed to self teach myself how to make squares and so am a little less restricted in my designs..... It's good when you're watching the telly.

Insomnia is becoming a problem at the moment - I'm half blaming the naps during the day, but it's a vicious circle. I was awake from 2.30 to 5 am on Wednesday night - probably because I went to bed early that night, but then had to counteract it all by having a nap yesterday for 2 hours. Last night I woke at 6, but went back to bed from 8 to 10 this morning. It's all messed up...I suppose it'll be more messed up when no. 2 comes along. On a pleasant note, I dreamt this morning that I had the baby - and blacked out for the whole thing...basically I went to bed one night and woke up the following day at home, with baby in a cot - the smiliest happiest baby you ever saw - and it could kinda talk, even though it was only newborn. It was dressed in yellow and then in blue and I was too embarrassed to ask anyone if it was a boy or girl or what it's name was (considering I was it's mother!). When I asked about the birth, seemingly I had let a scream in the night, was brought to hospital and was fairly calm throughout the birth, in control, etc.....but I didn't remember any of it! Who knows how it will all work in reality!

So I'm off to have some lunch and phrase my 'I'll be away for 6 months' email!


Anonymous said...

This stage is the most tiring and EVERYONE asks- when's the baby due??? or how any weeks have you got left now? Erm, a day less than when you asked me yetserday.

One consolation, at least bubba isn't keeping you up all night crying atm.

All the best Coco

CarolineO said...

I'll go with 27th October Corina, even if it does mean inflicting 13 whole more days on!!!hope all is well there.

Karva said...

Saturday 27th October I reckon will be the day, oh and I think it will be a boy, 8LB plus (sorry)!!!!
Best of luck, will be checking in and thinking about ya :)