Friday, October 05, 2007

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Some deep stuff going on over on Oprah today...sharing the love....
I could get into this...not!
Went to doc for a checkup today. BP is down to 116 over 80 (from 136/80), cankles are not cankles any more and my pee was a delightful shade....tmi again - sorry! So all is good and yes, the nurse knows best. She was positively gleeful at how right she was and has said I have to keep up the good work. So good news is no need for hospital...bad news (kinda) is that I can't go back to work - there really are some things I need to sort out, but am going to go in for two hours for mon, tue, wed and have warned everyone that that's how much time we are all going to have. I headed to the bookshop and bought about 50 quid worth of all manner of books - I shall share them with you and let you know what they are like:

Out of the Box, 101 ideas for thinking creatively by Rob Eastaway
Cat 'o nine Tails by Jeffrey Archer
Six Thinking Hats by Edward de Bono
Tricks of the Mind by Derren Brown
Sons of Fortune by Jeffrey Archer

So I'm an Archer fan - to be honest I needed to pick quick and when I saw that there were some of his that I hadn't read - I just bought on impulse. I love short story books because you can leave them as you go and also wanted something fairly easy reading but not quite a chicklet. The other 3 are in the self-help/learning category.....but might be interesting. I've heard of De Bono's principals before so wanted to read a bit more about them. The creativity one was small and a 'fit in the handbag' book to dip in and out of. We liked the Tricks of the Mind tv series and so that's why I bought that.

Also headed to Hickeys for some serious wool buying. Still haven't posted that pic of the crocheted hats, but I will get to it over the weekend. I think this blog will be getting plenty of action in the next few weeks.....

I might even get some digi scrapping done....oh the joys!

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