Saturday, October 20, 2007

Nothing Stirrin'

So much for achy!
Still here, larger than ever and I just noticed that yesterday was my 100th post. Had great plans to make it something special...instead it was a false alarm!
Am chillin at home with my two sisters and Eilis - thinking of bringing her to see Ratatouille....ok maybe I wouldn't mind seeing it myself too.
Sin é,

Yours, in anticipation,


CarolineO said...

are you still here??
Hope all is going well!

CarolineO said...

Just saw the news on Craft supplies, congrats to you, Tony and Eilis! Welcome to the new baba!

Neasa said...

Just heard the good news over the the cs forum. Congratulations. Wow, that was some weight for a baby! You must be shattered. Best of luck to you all and hope your back to yourself soon.