Monday, August 25, 2008

Funny Kid

This was a post i wrote last week and saved instead of posting up....

And it's not a full moon today so I don't know why I'm in a funny mood....maybe it's just that Monday Feeling.

When I asked Eilis how she felt about starting school. She said 'it's going to be great. Because if it's raining like this (points out window) we'll be able to do stuff.'
"What kind of stuff?" I asked
"Like LEARN" she said
This child has high expectations about what will happen in Junior Infants. I hope it lives up to them!

On holidays in Lehinch, we visited the Aquarium....Eilis quite liked it. Grace was nonplussed by it all and preferred to chomp on a Liga. Fair enough. I decided to educate my eldest and called her over to a tank with a Ray. I said " See how this fish is the same colour as the sand so that it's hard to see". "Yes Mammy" said Eilis, " That's called Camouflage".
Tony and I looked at each other trying to hide the laughter and at that point I decided I had to step it up a gear and explain how rays were the same family as sharks, etc, etc. She had learned about camouflage from 'Little Einsteins' on the telly. And who said tv is bad for children!? I just have to find a 'big einsteins' programme for myself to keep ahead of her.

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